And It Occurred To Me

On a normal morning I leave for work by the side door.    I put on my shoes and take my lunch, my coffee and all needed necessities with me.

This morning I went to the side door.   My work shoes were not there.   That’s odd.  A few minutes delayed to remember I came home through the front door and kicked off my shoes there.  I never come in through the front door.  Except for yesterday.

I left.  I came back in.  My sunglasses were not in my hand or my lunch bag.  A few minutes waiting while Husband ran through the house (so I didn’t have to take off my shoes and risk losing them again) to get my sun glasses from my workout bag where I left them.  I always keep my sunglasses in my lunch bag.  Or on the dash of my car.

I walk back out.  Crap!  No coffee.   I turn around, Husband is watching me.  Likely wondering if I will ever leave so he can go on his bike ride.   He meets me at the door.  I say “coffee” and he grabs it from the counter where I leave it every morning and “usually” don’t forget it.

Am I ever going to leave and get to work?  For me getting to work on time actually means getting there early.

Very early if possible.

As I got in the car and finally started driving to work it occurred to me.

All of these “inconveniences”?   Not inconveniences at all.

Had I gotten out of the door at the exact moment I had first attempted, I would of gotten out too early.  Earlier than I was suppose to.

If I had gotten “out” when I tried, something else would have happened.

These inconveniences were not inconveniences.   They were purposely placed time detours to make sure I stayed on the path I was suppose to stay on.    Something was watching out for me.  Keeping me where I was suppose to be, until I was suppose to be somewhere else.

Call it what you will.   My father playing practical jokes?   My guardian angel redirecting me, away from harm?

It occurred to me, that I would rather believe this, than get mad because I am running late.  I believe.   And I take great joy from believing.

Being redirected by love above feels a whole lot better than being mad because I am running late.

Who ever it was, thank you!