What’s It Mean When He Says My Name?

After a hot day at work and an active evening in martial arts class we return home to find the garage flooded and the creek a rising.  Literally.   We should be okay.  But I do feel bad for others who don’t have electric or have worse flooding.

Husband goes wading through the garage and I go wading through the yard.

Inside I try to get stuff put away from class and get some things ready for work in the morning.

I thought I was a little low on the hydration reserves so I opened the refrigerator to look in for a water bottle.   As I tilted my head towards the light in the darkening house I heard softly, whispery behind my left shoulder, a little higher than my head….  “Colleen”.

Now you can believe what you want to believe.   All I know is what I heard.  I looked out the window and saw Husband in the garage.

I wasn’t scared.

I wasn’t worried.

I was surprised.

I was a little impressed he knew my name.   Maybe he wanted me to know that he knew my name.

We should all live in a place where every one knows your name.

He knows it.   I suppose I should try to learn his.