My Ghost My Friend

So I’ve had a comment or two made regarding my “ghost”.

First, something, is happening in our house.   I don’t know what exactly it is.

I know what I, we, hear is real.

For the sake of a name we will just call him “Ghost”.   Seems appropriate.

No, I am not scared of him.   I did give him a little what for when he made some noises that scared the bejeebers out of a little Irish Pirate Queen.  Give her a break!  She’s not full grown Pirate Material yet.   He’s been respectful around the children ever since.

No, there are not any chains rattling.

When he said my name it was the first speaking noise we heard.   Okay, only I heard it.   But Husband has heard him walking in the house.

And remember, someone did see a face looking out the window.

I don’t get the feeling he is angry, or in angst.  I think he wants to be here.

Yes, it is a him.   Guy.  Dude.  Man.

No, I don’t think he is protecting a hidden fortune.   Though if he is, I understand him wanting to protect it.  I respect that.   If he is, he is probably protecting it for someone special.   I totally support him in this.

Yes, I hope he reads my blogs.  Though he best not be reading this one as I write it because I’m laying on my bed writing it and he’d have to be laying here with me.  That, I would find inappropriate.

I think he wants to be my friend.   He isn’t threatened by us.   I’m pretty sure he enjoys our presence.

There have been no threats or bad behaviors.  I respect that he has a place here.  He’s not trying to run us out and we aren’t trying to run him out.

I’m pretty sure he would have our backs if someone came in here to do us harm.  Let’s not forewarn any would be breaker-inners about this.   We’ll let them find out about him all on their own.

It’s been suggested I ask him some questions.  I will.   And if he answers at any time, I’ll let you know.

I think this is the start of a great friendship.

6 thoughts on “My Ghost My Friend

  1. My grandmothers house had a ghost that was seen by a number of generations. A woman mygrandma said would not hurt anyone although she..the ghost scared the daylights out of me when I found her looking into my son’s crib when he was only a few weeks old when we were visiting there. I scared her too I guess because when I screamed her head snapped up before she disappeared. I felt bad for her because I realized she just wanted to see the new baby!


    • Holy Moly! I think it’s fair to be startled to see anyone you don’t know gazing at your new baby. Ghost or not. Surely she has forgiven you. 🙂 I’d like to hear more about this ghost of yours!!


  2. My mom has one of those around her house. Built new never been lived in before. He has spoken her name once or twice and often you can smell cigarette smoke though none of us do and no one ever has in the house.

    Oh and Just pretend he’s a martial artist if he’s reading as you type. 🙂



    • Maybe the house is built on an old old old settlement. Like log cabin or even older home site. Cigarette smell though….. I think someone should be asking this ghost some questions. Someone has decided they like your house better than where they were. Or where they’re going!!!!


    • Haha! It could be Big Jim! I didn’t think so….I guess I would think it would feel more familiar. Like I have any idea how having a ghost should feel!


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