Alone In Age – Alone In Life – Alone In Home

I’m a little overwhelmed with the reality of isolation right at the moment.

We went to a house today,  my co-worker and I, to help an elderly lady by putting her window air conditioner back in the window.  She had stopped using it because it was too expensive.   But the heat today was near one hundred.   The “heat index” was suppose to be something like 110.   We got the air conditioner working.   We were literally dripping with sweat.

She wasn’t dripping with sweat, or hot at all.

We think she was dehydrated.

The more we talked to her the more reality reared back and shook it’s sometimes ugly face at us.   She had not eaten since yesterday, if even then.   We checked and there was no food in the house.   She had not even had a drink of water since this morning.   She said she had no friends.  We asked her how she was going to get food.  She said she was hoping someone would show up to bring her some.  But she could not name anyone specific.  The someone she was waiting for must have been us.

Though she didn’t call us.  She didn’t even really want us once we got there.

We talked on.

We stayed in the home with her until action was decided upon, and then acted upon.   All the while sweating.   All the while telling her we were not leaving until something was made better for her.

When we finally left and headed home the thought of it overwhelmed me.   The more I thought about her, the more I pictured her in that home, unable to stand without my co-worker catching her from falling, filling her with water, getting her emergency food….  I pictured this because I saw it.   Then I started to picture her every day.  Her every single day.  And her every single night.

Sitting in that house.  No one to talk to her.  No one to share a meal with her.   No one to worry about her, care about her, be with her.

Silent walls.

When was the last time you had absolutely no one who cared enough to listen to you?   When was the last time you had no one who cared enough to speak to you?

No way to get where she needs to be unless she walks.

No one for us to call and say “hey she’s going to the hospital”.

She was alone.


Isolated as she sat in the middle of 50,000 people.

Reality isn’t always a bad thing.   But I would have to think isolation is.    Because the reality of isolation that we saw today was not pretty.    Not pretty at all.