Dear Young Parent(s)-

How crazy is your life right now?

Are you running in your sleep trying to keep up?   Making plans while you shower on how to get through the day and meet all of the requirements you need to feed, clothe, shuttle and pay attention to your child?   Multiple childs?

Are you tired and cranky?   Or exasperated with the child who will not eat the vegetable on his/her plate even though they asked for a second helping of it last week?   Have you just about had it up to here with the whining and fighting about the other sibling getting something better than what he/she has?

Do you finally get them to bed at night thinking you get to relax but then realize one has no clean clothes for school tomorrow and there isn’t anything in the kitchen to pack their lunches?

Do you look around the house and wonder how you will ever repair the damage done by 2 year olds turning in to three year olds who haven’t caught up with the ten year olds?

Do you need your hair cut and instead of trying to squeeze in a visit to the hair cutter you look in the mirror, grab your scissors and chop off the parts of your hair that you just need to get rid of?

Do you laugh at the brilliantly funny way your child says “elboats” instead of elbow, or “peered ears” instead of pierced ears?   Do they ask you funny questions that you want to remember to tell grandma or aunt whoosie?

Do you sneak in at night to make sure their little arms and/or legs are not precariously close to dragging the rest of their little bodies on to the floor while they sleep?   Then you very softly brush your finger on the softest most precious faces God ever created?   Praying to God to watch over them?

Do you hold the littleness of them close when they wrap themselves around you for a hug?   And you don’t even mind the peanut butter, or jelly, or ketchup or tooth paste that ends up in your hair?

Do you ever say to heck with cleaning you just can’t keep up and  instead settle down with them for a cartoon festival or go outside to swing, or catch lightening bugs?

Young parent like I use to be not so long ago….  tonight I sat in my chair after work.   Then I worked out.   Then I met  with a friend.   Then I did whatever else I wanted.   But the re’s one thing that I can’t do.   I can’t go back to the days you have.  The days I had where my kids needed me every second of every day.    Where some days I felt blessed to get to the end of the day only feeling crazed.   But always blessed.   Blessed to have seen them through another day, sang them a little song, read them a little story and prayed He would watch over them while they slept.

So many days I had with them.

Today, there just didn’t seem to have been enough of those days.