My Non-Conformist Blog. My Life.

My blog is life inspired.  I can’t conform my blog to one little thing.  Instead I conform it to one big thing that seems to encompass everything:  life.

So I take inspiration from actual events, comments and conversations, observations.  Wishes.  Dreams.  Things that shock me.  Things that thrill me and intrigue me.  Something beautiful or something sad.  It might include food.  It might be about biking.  Or martial arts.  Or something I want to do.  Or something I wish I hadn’t done.

Something will happen during the day and I won’t be able to stop thinking about it.  Or in some situations I don’t give it enough thought.  Until I sit down to write and I reflect on my day.

Yesterday I had a conversation and it keeps playing in my head.   I was talking to someone about the “boys” who are riding their bikes across America.  We talked about their adventure and that they just took this opportunity and ran with it.  Or more appropriately-rode with it.

I expressed my thrill at getting to talk to someone doing something Husband and I have always talked about and dreamed about doing.

Her suggestion:  do it.

And we will.

Or we won’t.

Meanwhile we talk about it and dream about it.  Which is part of the doing.  I know the world is full of people who “talk” about what they wish they could do.  There are millions of folks who go to their graves wishing they had just taken the time to do what they had wanted.   And millions of folks who have gone to their graves doing everything they could possibly think of to try.

Me?  I’m always wondering what I can do  or try next and planning out my life.

And I’m always changing it.

I do want to ride across America.  And Ireland.  Maybe even Australia.  Maybe even Canada.  And these dreams?   They are ideal.   Because I can dream for free and I can dream forever.  If it happens it will be the proverbial ride of a life time.   But if it doesn’t happen?   It’s not for lack of wanting, or lack of training, or lack of money, or lack of time, or lack of adventure.

It’s because I’ll be living life doing something else.  I might be living another dream.   Or living the dream.   A life being lived that is full of: love and laughter, a good job, a big and boisterous family and a person who looks forward to their every day with me.   That’s a pretty good dream to live.  And I try my best to do it my best every single day.   A full life that you don’t want to leave behind is a dreamy kind of life.

If I have an opportunity to live a little adventure, fulfill a little dream….I will do it.

But if I don’t?  Then I’m just being busy with living and doing.   And dreaming.  I won’t be sad about what I haven’t done.  I’ll be too busy loving what I am doing.