The Appearance of Our Words


They are so incredibly powerful when they are used correctly.  Intelligently.  Stringing together certain words have the ability to change the world.   Words can destroy a relationship.   Or mend old wounds.  Words can express love, frustration, humor and exasperation.  It is astounding what words can do.

Words can make you appear intelligent.

The power of words can also have an impact on you in quite a different manner.

They can take the same intelligent and professional  person from above and turn them in to the perfect image of a goofy child. Simply by sitting at their desk and stating:


I’ve seen it happen.

It’s very entertaining.

9 thoughts on “The Appearance of Our Words

  1. Sounds like something I would say. But I generally control myself around the kids. Jerkface would also classify as one of my favorites. The wife hates that word…


    • Ahhhhhhh “jerkface”, a classic! 🙂 Ours was stated safely in an office away from children. Except for the five year old who appeared as it was stated.


      • Ya know, some people ARE GINORMOUS idiot-heads! Of course, this is a mature deduction garnered from years of close (genius) observation….just sayin’.


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