No I didn’t.

But I’m okay with that.  I did, however, take a couple of days vacation.  We’re heading “down south” to ride some bike trails.  That’s kind of like hitting the lottery to me.

The sun is shining.   The skies are blue and clear.   Husband is by my side.  That’s kind of like hitting the lottery to me.

I woke up.   Certainly hit the lottery on that one.

Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up!   I’m not disappointed I didn’t hit the lottery.   But I seem to have been pretty lucky with hitting some lotteries.   I hope that some of you reading this also thought “sweet, cause I know she’s going to share with me“.    If nothing else, be assured, if I ever do hit that money based lottery I will definitely share with a lot of you.   I would say all of you, but I don’t really know all of you reading this.   Which, by the way, is another lottery I hit…..  people reading stuff I write.   That feels pretty good too.

Sorry for the tease.   But I hope for a brief second you got a flash of joy and hope and excitement.   Don’t be bummed.   I’m not.

Loving life is a pretty good lottery to hit.