Riding Naked And Enjoying The Day

Today was a rare kind of biking day for me.  I rode naked.  I seldom ride naked.  For the little bit of OCD I have riding naked is kind of difficult.

Oh stop picturing this!   I had my clothes on for crying out loud.  I did not, however, have an odometer, speedometer, music in my ears or a trunk on a rack full of food and beverage.   I had my two water bottles and some snack bars in a very small seat bag.   That was it. I was riding a single speed bike.  Nothing fancy but everything sweet.   Basically, I was naked.

And just a little side note (picture).  This is my hair on vacation:

We’ve been staying at the “Kickstand” Bed and Breakfast in Spring Valley.   A little blurp of a town right on the Miami Valley Bike Trail.  I’m glad Husband and I find these little blurps.  The small town in America is going to fade away completely if we don’t start recognizing and admiring their value.  We love going to these little towns and trying to find the history of the town, it’s people.  One place to start in these little places are the cemeteries.  No, it is not morbid.  The history and uniqueness of each town is represented in their cemeteries, if you’re lucky.   If the cemeteries aren’t giving you any information the houses and the school buildings are great indicators of the age of the town.  When was the prosperous time of that town?  Are there more buildings than there are people now?  Or is the town building up all around?  We talked with “Brandon” at Two Scoops in Spring Valley our last night.  Brandon is a sophomore in college.  And he is very aware of the decline of his home town, it saddens him, I hope his generation can get back to little America.

Yesterday we were in Yellow Springs.  It’s a hopping and busy little place.  Very artsy.  Very free spirit feeling everywhere.  The cemetery there was interesting.   If the markers here are any indicator, and they are, the people retired to it’s plots were as diverse in culture and apparently as open minded as the current residents of Yellow Springs.   There were so many interesting stones in the cemetery.



This was the only marker for this grave.   A sense of harmony here.

Intriguing.   But not sure….  There’s a signature that I couldn’t read because I didn’t have my glasses.   But no other information.

I told Husband I wish they had some history to this cemetery posted.  So the next best thing was searching good old WWW for any information on the cemetery.   And I discovered  Wheeling Gaunt.   Real people.   In our own little towns.  People who changed their worlds to help us live better lives.   You can’t beat that for Americana.

All of this while riding our bikes.

Today we went to Jamestown.  Another little town.  Another bike trail.  Another chance to learn something fun or interesting about a little place.  We did find the cemetery right along the bike trail.  I have to admit I didn’t walk away as curious about Jamestown as I did when I walked away from Yellow Springs.   But the fact that I didn’t see anything makes me want to find something.  But Jamestown had a few things to make the day note worthy.  First, of course, was the bike trail.  We had never been on it.  We expected a 24 mile trail and actually got to ride 29 miles.   I know most of you really don’t care about this, but for the one or two bikers who read this, it was a nice surprise.  At the end of the trail that just kept going after we expected it to end we found a sign that was very necessary.   I don’t think we would have known what to do without it.  We also found this group of men.

We all stood there and marveled at the fact that right on the other side of the highway is another bike trail that had we been able to access it it would have allowed us to ride from Jamestown to Cincinnati, London, Yellow Springs, or even Troy Ohio.   That’s a lotta riding friends.   It’s one of the good things this world is doing.  Connecting us by trails we can ride, run and walk on.   Thank you forward thinking Americans!  So these gentlemen suggested when we got back to Jamestown we go to the Pheonix restaurant.  We did.  Good food by the way!  When we were leaving I noticed a sign about an author who published her first book at the age of 85.  The title “I’m Just Sayin’…” by Blanche Pence.  Of course we got it.  I can’t wait to read it.  Maybe I’ll find out some history of Jamestown by reading Blanche’s book.   Then if I go back to Jamestown maybe I’ll see things that are of interest to me because of the book.

We’ve spent the last few days hitting up little towns and riding bike trails.  Eating ice cream.  And checking out history and cemeteries.   America’s little towns have more to offer than what I can put in this little blog.  It’s a great way to spend some inexpensive vacation time.

Somebody needs to pay me to drive all over America and check out these little towns.  There is a story behind them all.  I will not ride naked.   But I can not promise I will fix my hair.