Believe It~It is the Truth!

How do I convince you that you are beautiful when you won’t open your eyes to see what I see when I look at you.

God gave you to this world full of love and cheer.   You were created with the happiest of hearts.   Your soul is tender and sweet.

From your first moments on earth you brought joy and gladness in to the hearts of those who held you, saw you, loved you.   Every morning you greeted with a smile in your eyes and love in your heart.   It seemed so easy for you to give and you seemed to think everyone else was like you and would return the love and goodness in kind.

But this world was not created for you.

You were created for us.  To soothe the pain and suffering that others in this world bring.    Because amongst us walks the bitter and angry.   And the bitter and angry would rather destroy you than have goodness and light win.   They are dark.  They are hurtful.   They have hatred in their blood.  And they do not know how to give anything in kind.

They fear you.  So they torment you.   They try to beat you down with words.

And every time you hang your head and cry, they think they win.

They feel empowered by inflicting hurt.

They feel bigger by making you feel small.

They use your tears as fuel.

So I need to go back to convincing you of something.   You-Are-So-Beautiful.

To me.

To anyone who knows you.

To anyone who is not full of hate.   Or basking in the darkness of evil.

When you cry, it breaks my heart.   But I don’t think it is fuel for someone else.  I do think it is your sadness leaking out.  Sadness that there are those who do not know love no matter how much of it you give.  Regardless of the tremendous amount you pour out…there are those who will see your gift of love as weakness.

The kindest and most gentle of persons who have ever walked this earth were all thought to be weak by someone else.   And “someone else” never understood what love meant.   Or opened their hearts to the joy of it.

You are beautiful.   Your tears empower me to believe in love.

It is their inability to love that makes them weak.

Love never creates weakness or lessens strength.

Your love is valuable and worthy of the best of people.

That is why the worst of people don’t understand.

When I look at you I am thankful.  I am joyous.   I smile.  And I feel such hope for this world, even if it is just our small corner of a very large world.  You create courage within me.

You are beautiful.   You give beauty.  You create beauty.

You are love.  You are strength.

When you believe in your beauty you will see what I have known all along.

Until you believe in yourself.  Trust me.  But I can’t wait for you to believe.  You will be amazed!


7 thoughts on “Believe It~It is the Truth!

  1. Cbagney,

    I count myself among the blessed to have you always in my corner, and will gladly join your army against the evil! Count me in!



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