Fred Rogers Knows

Seems like a little thing.

Last week I took a few vacation days.  For most of that time we were gone biking.  But there was some down time around the house before we left and when we got back.   Twice last week I was in my yard when someone went by, running, on the bike trail in front of our house.   And the runner(s) yelled my name.

Not only did they yell my name.

But I was standing at a white picket fence, talking over it, to my neighbor.

Those moments may not seem like much.   But those moments made ‘home’ a little more like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

Little by little I’m not just living in the town where I work.  Which is partly why we moved.  To be much closer to work and spend less life time driving to and from work.   More time for living.   It’s taking some adjusting.  It turns out it’s the little things that are making it easier.  Better.   Not the huge amount of “extra” time we gained by not driving every day.

When people yell your name as they run by, bike by, walk by…it just feels good.  Our house is not just that funny little red house sitting amongst all of the white and tan houses any more.   That’s where Colleen and Husband live.

Saturday the neighbor across the street came over and got Husband and gave him fresh vegetables from the farm he works on after his regular job.

Neighbors giving you fresh food.

There’s something very homey about that.   Very ‘community’ based.   When the neighbors think of us as someone who might like some fresh vegetables….. that’s just nice.  And don’t underestimate the value of nice.

It is a little thing, having your name called out, waves and smiles while you’re standing at your house and your house is here.  It’s a little thing to be talking to your neighbor over the fence.   It’s a little thing to be given fresh vegetables by a neighbor who was thinking of you.   Little things that mean a lot.   And make a difference.

It’s a little bit of an on-going ‘welcome home’ party.   One little thing at a time.