My Last Blog.

I will stop writing blogs.

Probably when I am about 99.  I’ll retire from blogging for about a year and then die at 100.

I have this life plan.   And now that it includes blogging you are all pretty aware of what this plan involves.   I will do stuff.   I will write about stuff.   Those of you who know me directly will say something that I will twist in to making you look like a moron (anyone out there remember a “moron” story of years ago?) and write about it.  I will dream of something and write about it.  I will get a little preachy and soap box standy and write about it (sorry).  Etc…. you get the idea.

Oh…. sorry.   Did my title imply I was going to stop writing now?

Technically, and actually, I did contemplate it.  I have always written.   Some periods of my life more than others.   But write I do.  With this fancy new world of internet (to some of you it has always been here, to some of us we actually had a full life without it’s existence)  I can write and possibly others will read it.   I can write whatever I want and oh so casually toss it out there in to cyber space and see if anyone clicks in for a casual read.  Sometimes though I think of the times I would write and it would (and still does) sit on a shelf just for me.   I think about doing that again.   And some day (after I turn 100 and decide to go to heaven) my kids and grandkids and great/great/etc grandkids will find this little trove of never seen before stuff I wrote.   And they will read it and chuckle.

They will chuckle at the ten year old me.   The fifteen and so insecure me.   The twenty something and even more insecure me.   They will chuckle at all of these musings of mine.   But they will also feel something similar.  Something I wrote when I was their age will make sense and they will have a eureka! moment and say “geez somebody else felt just like me!”  and it will be a bonding moment with an ancestor they become very curious about.

I write for me.  I write about me.  My life my world my existence, my existentialism (redundant but I wanted to use that word again).

I kind of wish everyone did.   Write about themselves I mean.  I think no matter how many millions and billions of us there are on this earth….our personal story is unique.  Not a one of us is alike.   I’m fascinated by our differences and our interpretations.  I share mine.   I read about others.  And I enjoy it all.

So I guess my last blog will be sometime in 2062.  If you get bored before then I apologize.   I might start repeating some of my stories along about 2050.   But I look for some pretty good stuff clear up until 2062.

This blog is done.