Befuddled I Am

I posted today on Facebook that “Your arrogance befuddles me”.

Husband immediately asks me to explain this.

I’ll try.

I just find myself recently overwhelmed on a daily basis by “arrogance” on so many levels.

I see and define arrogance in my own way.  Despite words having definitions dictated by others with more smarts than I….   I still choose to use a word I want to use in a way I want to use it.  Sue me. Don’t sue me.   Just accept it.  I think arrogance is a personality.   A personality flaw.

This in no way applies to me specifically but the following goes back to my befuddlement comment.  The “me” in these statements reflect things I have witnessed.   And the “you” is not “a” you but a compilation of perps:

Don’t call me stupid.  Then ask me for help.

Don’t ignore me.  And then expect, and even demand, my attentions.

Don’t look down your nose at me.  Then expect me to look up to you.

Don’t give me advise then do the complete opposite.  Thinking I don’t see it or get it.

Don’t hate on me and expect me to stay.

Don’t make excuses for dissing my passions.   Then expect me to share them with you.

Don’t say you love me.   And be the one who hurts me the most.

Isn’t anyone else befuddled by these kind of behaviors?  Or is it just me.

I’m never befuddled by:


Thoughtless acts of goodness






The dictionary says arrogance is:  “having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance, merit, ability, etc; conceited; overbearingly proud”.    I guess that means the same thing as what I mean.   No matter how good, or smart or awesome you are there is always something someone else has to offer.   Your arrogance at thinking your importance lessens someone else’s worth is just wrong.

I am sure at times I have appeared arrogant.  And I cringe thinking this.  But I know it to be true.  It has been recent witnessing to hurtful arrogance that has made me quite reflective on this.

I don’t want to be a befuddler, nor do I want there to be any befuddling.