No Plans To Die Have I

Sure enough I do not have plans on dying.   However, I can’t hide from it forever.  But as stated before I will die when I am one hundred.

My plan includes me biking and running up until my demise.   I will continue practicing my martial arts.   I am sure by then I might not be doing my spin jump kick over every body’s head fancy moves.   Well, since I can’t do that now I am thinking I won’t be able to do it up until I’m one hundred.  But with advances in science and health care I could still get better.

But this little post is not about my living.  It is in fact about my dying.   Or rather my death.   Well, to be more specific, life after my death.   For all of you.   Because if I am going to live to be a hundred I am pretty sure the rest of you are going to out live me.

So after I die what are you all going to do?  I know, it’s not easy stuff to think about.  But that’s precisely why I am writing this.  To make it easier.   To be quite honest this is probably going to be the easiest thing I have ever written because it is going to address one  of the things I worry about the most.  My kids.   And their kids.   Etc.   But lets be honest, many of you love me and adore me.   Chances are if you hate me you aren’t reading this so I feel relatively safe in thinking most of you reading this at the very least tolerate me for one reason or another.  I am operating under the assumption that many of you love me.   There.  I said it.   I am loved.  It feels good to be able to say it and it feels even better to feel it is true.   So this is for my kids.    And anyone else who may love me.

When I die in over fifty years there are some things you should know.    One, I won’t be happy about it.   Life here is a gift.   And I really like being alive.   It’s a good good thing.   So I won’t be happy about leaving here.   There’s good stuff, good people and lots of things I haven’t done yet (even when I am one hundred).  Though I won’t be happy to be leaving here, I will be pretty damn excited about the next step.   The rest of my living.   Yeah, you got it.  Whether you are religious or faithful or not, I am.   So I do believe there is an eternal life after this one.   And yes that makes me extremely happy.    After God has a few (thousand) words with me regarding my missteps here on earth and I apologize all over the place I am pretty sure He will let me in.   And talk about joy.   Yeah, if things are good here, how awesome are they going to be there.   For that I will be very happy and joyous.   So go ahead and celebrate that after I leave.

My bike riding here is pretty incredible.   But I bet you anything if I think my new Trek District carbon belt drive bike here is saweet what kind of bike do you think heaven has?


If I can muddle through some physical activities here, what might I be able to do there?  That’s right.   You can expect some spectacular spinning, jumping, peace loving and kicking martial arts with the Lord Himself.   He will delight in my joy at not being limited by this body.

Food.   Do we even need to go there?   The delights here on earth are no match for the Head Chef of Heaven.

So, now that I’ve given you a glimpse of what I’ll be doing, there’s just some things I would ask of people.

First of all please do come to the funeral home.   Don’t dress up.   As a matter of fact I would hope that you come to the funeral home carrying a Diet Coke, an Iced Capp, or other beverage of your choice.  Don’t feel limited to what I would drink.   Bring something that gives you joy.   And when you come to the funeral home come dressed to be doing something else.   Because I hope you take the opportunity to go running, or biking, or sledding (I haven’t decided yet to go in summer weather or winter weather) or hiking, or bowling, or dancing, or whatever it is that doing it gives you joy in your living it.

Please come to the funeral.  Again, don’t be wearing suits.  No dresses.   Gah.  No dresses please.  They are the most insane garment ever created.   Again, where active wear for active living.

Flowers?  I hate to say don’t bring flowers because florists need to make a living as well.  But, don’t.   Save your money.   Use it to take someone you love out to dinner.   Or better yet, use it to take someone you don’t love out to dinner.   Repair a rift in a friendship.   Or take someone who doesn’t seem to have someone else.   I don’t want to presume to tell you where to send your money.   But if you wanted to do something I would appreciate….give it to someone who needs food.   Or fun.   Or clothes.   Or help.   I would say send it to St. Jude’s because I donate to them.  But by the time I am one hundred there will be no more cancer!   Yay!   You don’t even have to use any of your money in memory of me for anything.   Me dying isn’t a reason for you to have to spend your money.

I would really like to know that on a sunny day after I leave you would  stop and think  “It’s A Sunny Day” .   Think about  how much I would have enjoyed a bike ride, a DQ Cheesequake Blizzard and a squeeze from a greatbaby with Husband by my side.  And smile.  Trust me, if it’s a sunny day here, it’s magical there.

I would like there to be music every where when I leave.  Because at some point all of you will be in a car (or whatever we’re driving in 53 years) with music playing.  You will start to sing along and you will suddenly feel like I am singing with you.   Because I will be.

I believe with everything I know, and everything I do not know, that this is only part of our journey.   I love my journey.   It isn’t always easy.   But it is always about growth:  spiritually, emotionally, physically.   We do not stagnate.  We are moving on to something else.  Something better.   It’s a journey we don’t have all of the answers for or understanding of while we are here.   And that’s okay.

I want my journey to be as full as it can be.  I want my journey to be part of other’s journeys.   And I want life.   I want to live!  Here, and, there.

I won’t be happy about leaving.  But I will be happy about going on.  My plans are not to die.   But to live forever.   Eternally.

This blog is brought to for three reasons.   Which I will not give you.     🙂