Earth Tremors

I wonder how many billion’s of posts hit Facebook etc today after the earthquake.

It’s like the earth and it’s mighty forces all worked with me to set my boss up for a nice little joke.

Apparently I have that kind of powerful “in” with the earth.   You all best remember this.

As most everyone probably knows we had an earthquake today.   Suffice it to say where I live there was no damage.  But let me tell you something…. the earth shaking the building you are sitting in with no regard to the fear-of-the-never-been-in-an-earthquake-before- humans inside the building is no laughing matter.   Oh all right it is a laughing matter seeing as how there was no harm no foul.

Even though I have this connection with the earth to set my boss up for a good laugh I do not under estimate the power rumbling under foot, under highway, under building foundations.   It was a bit fearful and I am not ashamed to say my heart beat increased ever so slightly.  

From where we stood and sat in our 3 story building today as the building shook and swayed it was very evident very quickly it was an earthquake.   But some who were standing outside of the building did not even feel it.  My boss said her smoking habit would have saved her life if it had brought the building down.  I assured her that, no, had she been smoking outside where she always smokes and the building came down she would surely have been wiped out.   

As I left the office for the day I got in my car which was facing the building.   I decided the building was leaning.   To the right.

I called my coworker and told her what I saw.   As I pulled out of the parking lot she  was telling my boss.  My boss, ever the skeptic, was telling her there was no way.  Coworker tells her I’m in the parking lot and looking at the building.  I hang up.

I get a call a few minutes later from coworker.   Standing in the parking lot with boss.

My boss is most certain the building is not  leaning.  

I told coworker it was probably my new glasses.

Yes, boss is that gullible.

Thank you earth for being my straight man.