For Shame Medicine Makers

Yeah.  That’s right, you, you big pharmaceutical medicine maker you!

What is wrong with you?

Isn’t making billions and trillions of dollars off of the ailments, suffering and pain of your fellow human beings enough for you?

Isn’t controlling half the world enough for you?

You are as evil as they come.  Yeah, you are.   Go ahead and defend yourself.   But those of us you fleece every single day know what you are spewing.

You spin whatever you want with your numbers and your rhetoric.  And lets just call it what it is:  lies.

Why am I angry?   Because  I am sick.

Yeah, sick.   I don’t blame you for being sick.   But I do blame you for my high blood pressure at the moment.   Okay, that’s kind of a lie.   I’m solid as a rock and my bp does not go up.   But it should, considering how mad I am.

My doctor ordered me a prescription allergy medicine.   Why?   Because I have allergies!   When they told me they were going to order it they said if it works they will keep me on it long term.   Good, maybe this will work and I can put this year of sickness behind me.   Husband was heading out and said he would pick up the medicine at the pharmacy.    He is so nice.

Unlike you.

He returns home empty handed.   He said “uhm….I went to pick up your medicine but your insurance didn’t cover it. ”   He seemed hesitant to go on.   I’m thinking, okay right now I’ll spend twenty bucks to feel better.   It’s just 30 pills for crying out loud.

He says “uhm….it was one hundred and seventy three dollars”.

I will not repeat here what I spewed then.

Let me do some math.   One hundred and seventy three divided by 30.    That is FIVE DOLLARS AND SEVENTY SIX CENTS  per pill.   Per ALLERGY pill.

What the hell is wrong with you?

You know well and good that pill cost you pennies to make.

I won’t even go in to the insurance companies.   They have their own certain place reserved in hell.

You, are right next to them.   In hell.    Where you will need a prescription for luke warm water and your insurance doesn’t cover it.   And you will be charged ridiculous amounts of cheer and good will to pay for the water.  None of which you will have.   Because your chance to earn it by producing affordable and life saving medications for your fellow human beings was squandered when all you did with your life here on earth is create medicine that you just tormented sick and ailing people with by dangling it in front of them as they sat wondering if they should stop eating to get a medication, stop paying the rent, or go without and just suffer because they have a family to take care of.

That may have seemed a little rant-ish.

Here’s what I don’t understand.  If you make a medicine that five billion people would benefit from, but only 100 can afford it, wouldn’t you still make a ridiculous amount of money if you lowered the cost so at least four billion people could afford it?

Sadly my allergy pill is the least of the problem in this equation.   There are people needing heart medication, kidney medication, cancer treatment medications.   Why is it un-affordable to those who need it?  Why do you make it if you do not intend to let those who need it, get it.   It just seems cruel.

Maybe I wouldn’t be so bitter and angry sounding if I wasn’t sick.   Maybe I should get some medication.

Oh wait….

6 thoughts on “For Shame Medicine Makers

  1. Goal 1: Making money
    Goal 2: Making medicine

    The nutritional company that I am working with was bought by a pharmaceutical company — made us sick. In 2 years time we are being sold 5 times as much as their acquisition cost — made us sicker. But I think we’re going to feel much better once sold 🙂


    • I hope the job gets better. And the goals you listed do seem to be the case. I understand businesses have to make money but they are out of control and holding medicine hostage from some very sick people.


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