The Ghost Moves Things

As you may know by now my home houses a ghost.   Or the ghost’s home houses us.  I’m not sure which it is yet.

Tonight we have crossed a line of cohabitating with the ghost.  Actually I think he, the ghost, has crossed a line.

This evening we had an incredibly wonderful evening with friends in Columbus.   When we returned home Husband had to carry something to the front porch.  In my hands I had a gift for someone from someone else, a hand full of telephone, laptop, sunglasses case, bagels and medications.  And my house keys.  I was balancing everything so I could unlock the side door.   I got the door knob unlocked and tried to open the door but Husband had also locked the dead bolt.  So I fumbled some more and finally got it opened without dropping anything.  But once inside the door I had to get everything to the floor at the top of the steps before I did drop it all.  The only thing I kind of dropped was my phone and when I did it hit a key and lit up the face of the phone.  I looked down to make sure it had not dialed anyone, it had not.  So I left everything there and headed to the bathroom so I could take a shower.  Husband came in and went directly to the basement.

I walked through the kitchen, straight to the bathroom.  While in there Husband knocks and yells in “where’s your phone?”   I told him it was at the top of the stairs where I had dropped it and said “why is someone calling?”

Husband replies “it’s ringing”.

When I finished my shower and came out to the living room I ask Husband if anyone had called.  He said no.  But one of the daughters had sent a text.  I asked where the phone was.  He said in the living room.

Where he had picked it up.

I asked him what he meant.  He said he had to call it to see where it was.  And it was in the arm of the chair in the living room.   I just looked at him.  He said “check it, you can see the missed call where I tried to call it so I could find it”.   I picked it up from where it sat in the chair.   There was a missed call from him and a text from my daughter.

I explained to him in DETAIL how I had come in the house and had never even entered the living room.

He swears he found it in the chair because it wasn’t where I said it was that’s why he had to call it.

If I had not specifically had to look at the phone where it lie when I dropped it to make sure I had not dialed someone’s phone number, and then not left the phone there with my computer…. I might doubt myself.  But it is all too clear and too specific.   It’s like he wants me to know this is really happening.   He…. meaning the ghost.

And the best part?

I keep accusing Husband of moving things in the kitchen that I just have to keep moving back because he keeps moving them.   Now he feels justified in saying the ghost is doing it, not him.   Because how can I argue now?

That’s one reason I know it’s a man ghost.   They stick together.