Boss On Vacation-We Have It Covered

My boss is on vacation.

So her entire staff and I met at Tim Horton’s for breakfast.  We decided to have our morning meeting over breakfast.   So we did not go to the office first.   We met at Tim Horton’s.  Since we all start at different times we didn’t think it was fair to make everyone come in at the early starter’s hour.   We decided to wait until 9 a.m.   The early start is 7 a.m.   It seemed the fair thing to do.

We gathered and toasted her and her vacation with our hot coffees, iced capps, and the one lone tea drinker.   For good measure we had some bear claws, pecan pastries and of course….cinnamon raisin bagels.

We made it to the office by 11 a.m.   To be quite honest we were there  before 11 a.m.

There were no messages.  We should have had quite a few.  We finally figured it out.  But we think we will save this for a rainy day because quite unintentionally it made for a very relaxing day.   When we had all decided to meet outside of the office we had all changed our voice mail greeting saying we were not in the office and if the caller needed anything they should call “so and so”.   But “so and so” (aka all of us) had changed our messages to say the same thing.   So all callers were being told to call everyone else who was also telling callers to call someone else.

Apparently it worked out great because there were no messages.

By the time we figured that out it was after noon.   Lunch time, but come on, we had just had a big breakfast so there was no need to go running out.   So we waited until 12:30.   We walked down the street and ordered lunch, but brought it back to the office.  Our boss’ office is the biggest in our unit so we just gathered in there.   By the time we finished with lunch we had made a bit of a mess so we made sure to spend some extra time cleaning it up.   We didn’t want to take advantage of her not being there.

It was nearly 2 p.m. by then.  We all went to our offices to check our voice mails.  Nothing.   It dawned on us that none of us had changed our voice mail messages.  Seemed kind of pointless to worry about it by then.   Besides, we were just planning on meeting at Tim Horton’s again for breakfast.

I made my way back to my office.   I was feeling pretty good.  We seemed to have a good handle on everything.   No emergencies.   No one was running around frantic or out of control.   I’m not sure how the others felt but I was pretty pleased with how calm everything felt.  I made it to me desk and sat down.

But as soon as I sat down I realized I was not alone and looked up.   The rest of the unit was standing there, they had to of walked in right behind me.   A dilemma had been brought up.   Since we all start our work days at different times, we also all end them at different times.   We started later to accommodate the later shift starters.   But it didn’t seem fair to make the early shifters stay late.   It wasn’t their fault they had to come in later to make it easier on the later starters.   After about forty minutes of discussion it was decided we would all leave at the early starter’s quitting time since we  all started at the later shifter’s starting time.

Which meant we had to get everything shut down and closed up before we left.

So we did.

I’m pretty sure we impressed everyone with our cohesiveness as a unit today.   We stuck together and worked well as a unit.  No fighting.   No power plays.  Which you have to admit, when the boss is away there usually always seems to be somebody who steps up and acts all boss-like.

I’m proud to say none of us did that today.   None of us stepped up and tried to boss the others around.   No one threw the old proverbial weight around.   No one created any drama.

I have to admit, maybe this sounds a little boastful…. but we did great today.

We should probably be commended.