How’s come some people just know the answers?   No matter a situation they are confident in the right thing to do and/or the answer to resolve a problem.


I am a waffle.

It’s not that I strive to be a waffle.

I don’t.

I don’t think I do.  No, no I don’t.

I guess I have been blessed/cursed by the ability to see a whole lot of options and then the possible outcomes of said options if chosen and they go wrong.

I have no fear of making a decision.   If the decision is mine to make.   Sadly though many of my ‘decisions’ are not about me.   But someone else.  Something else.  Anything else but me.

Not to mention there are some situations I’m not sure if it’s my decision to make.  Yet there I am facing the decision making dilemma with now two decisions to make.  One:   is it my decision to make.   Two: what is my answer going to be if I decide it is my decision to make.

Which of course leads to confusion all around if I ONE:   decide it is my decision and WAIT find out later no, no it was NOT my decision to make.   But I get to take full responsibility if I made the wrong decision.   In the event I made the correct decision the credit will go to whomever should have made the decision (and by the way where the heck were you when you were suppose to make that decision?).    But if I TWO: decide to pass the buck and don’t make the decision and someone determines I should have made the decision then I am in trouble for ONE:  not making the decision and TWO:  a decision not being made.

This isn’t easy.   There’s a lot of thought and considerating that goes in to waffling.

I am pretty good at it.   So good, as a matter of fact, you could probably consider me Waffle Iron!

Come on.

That was a good one.