Better Than A Bad Day

Husband has a saying:   “a bad day on the bike is better than a good day at the office”.

I agree.

Even though I I am not certain if “bad day” refers to it must be a horrible ride with bad things happening.  Or.  Can it mean the day it’s self is bad but does not necessarily mean the ride it’s self is bad.

It doesn’t matter.  Either way I agree.  On principle.  Which ever principle you want to apply is fine with me.

Which brings us to this day.  Today.

I have been planning today for a couple of weeks.  My sister in law would be enjoying one of her first all three kids are in school today day.   And by enjoy I do not mean she was celebrating not having her child home with her.   She loves her kids and spending time with them.   However, being a mom myself, I recognized that this would be the first time in years that she would have a few hours to do something without worrying about chidlcare, daycare and/or work scheduling.   She would have a few well deserved hours to do something fun.

I assumed she would want to spend it with me.

Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

So I arranged with her to schedule a day off to go on a bike ride with her.   Considering the overheated atmosphere we’ve been living in the last few months I was pretty certain we would have good weather.  I mean, it’s only September for crying out loud.  Our hottest day of the year was just last week.    We nearly reached one hundred.   For some of you folks I know that is a cool down for you.  But here, it was not quite that hot.  I was feeling good and confident about our planned ride in the sun.   Working up a sweat.   Getting a good work out in.

Until the start of the week.   When the temperature dropped 30 degrees and the rain headed in.

Still, no worries.

It was only Monday.

But then that turned in to Tuesday.  Which led right up to Wednesday.   Which started today, Thursday, off wet and cool.

Still, no worries.

I have the day off.  I have bike loaded.   I’m singing to some pretty spectacular tunes the same sister in law gave to me.   Sing it “Iz”!

Besides, the weather is suppose to clear up.

We meet.  We got biked up.   We rode.  In the rain.   For over 20 miles.   Talking the entire way.   Not noticing the distance.   Enjoying the rain.   Because as grateful as we are for our jobs, riding in the rain, talking and relaxing-was better than a good day at work.

The weather never did clear up.

And remarkably the greenery was greener.   The shadows more playful.  And there were not a bazillion others on the trail.

It was indeed a good day on the bike.   Much, much better than a bad day.

8 thoughts on “Better Than A Bad Day

  1. Ha ha! Thanks Tara! Uhm, though I can’t be bottled I can be blogged! 🙂 I’m surrounded by pretty awesome so I don’t think its me.


  2. which brings up a good point chatter master-it probably is me (that IS what you meant by surrounded by awesome right?) It did stop raining too…..after we were done as predicted! 🙂 It was a GREAT day! Hope there are many more!!!!


    • It was YOU! All of the awesomeness was! Did we really spend 2 hours in Subway? hahahahahaha! I didn’t notice until we left, but I think we did! There will be plenty more.


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