A New Page

At the top of my home page is a new little link called :   “Biking Etiquette”.

I plan on keeping it there because I like biking.

Please don’t assume that I am blaming only other people for stupid acts and attitudes on the bike trail.   I have learned from my own mistakes, and others.   Mostly others.   So I thought I 

would share the basic,  and what I perceive to be, common sense, rules of the multi purpose “bike trails”.   I refer to them as “bike trails” because that’s what I do with them, for the most part.  You may feel free to substitute whatever you like to call it.   I will keep it as a  permanent extra on my blog.   If you run, ride, skate, walk or “elliptigo” on the trail maybe  this will be of interest to you.

And, yes, I want one.

If we can’t manage to get along with one another when we are out enjoying a sunny day, a day off, or a workout…..  how can we expect ourselves to get along anywhere?


This is information I have learned along my bike riding adventures.   It may apply to you it may not.  But it does.

1.  The trails are for all of us.  No one entity is more entitled than another.  People who live by the trail, in the same town as the trail, or from across the world.  If it’s a public trail that means it is PUBLIC.

2.  Runners, walkers, bikers, skaters-we all have to show respect to one another.

3.  Little kids are out there learning.  Give them a break!  And maybe holler “good job” at some little fellow or young lass giving it their all with their tiny legs.   Even if they wobble in to your space.  Your an adult.   Keep an eye out for them and you adjust.

4.  If you’re going to pass someone from behind, GIVE NOTICE, don’t just zoom by causing heart attacks.  It’s rude.

5.  Be thankful that parents are out there cluttering up the trail with their kids.  It’s what families SHOULD be doing.

6.  If you are riding, walking, running 2 or more abreast on a trail and someone yells “LEFT” from behind you drop in to single file.

7.  If you are riding, walking, running 2 or more abreast on a trail and someone is approaching you DROP IN TO SINGLE FILE.   Don’t assume that there are more of you so you “get” more space.   Stop being so flipping arrogant.

8.   If you approach from behind or heading towards others who take up as much space on the trail as they want because of their arrogant entitlement RESTRAIN yourself from slapping them on the back of the head as you pass.

9.  Please FEEL like slapping the people described in number 8, just don’t do it.

10.  Shake your head in disgust as you pass the people described in number 8, and alluded to in number 9.

11.  If you have to stop your bike while on the trail.   GET OFF OF THE TRAIL.  Would you stop your car on the highway and just sit there because you have to?  The bike trail is for MOVING traffic.

12.  If you don’t think the bike trail is for moving traffic and you choose to stand there like a moron please feel free to feel like an idiot when someone plows in to you.

13.  If you choose to ignore the stop signs at intersections and you fly out on to the road in to on coming traffic be prepared for:  death.   Cars will hit you.  If they don’t hit you be prepared for a good cussing.   If they don’t cuss at you they are probably trying to capture their heart that has leapt out of their body because the idiot on the bike just flew out on to the road.

14.  If you ride your bike on the road and do not respect the laws of the road you are ensuring that drivers will continue to hate bikers.   And bikers who see you disregarding their rules will hate you.   So basically, everyone will hate you.

15.  Do not count on drivers respecting you (because of the idiots in # 14).

16.  Be considerate.

17.  Be smart.

18.  Be careful.


I will add to this as I think of things.  Please feel free to give me suggestions to add to this.

4 thoughts on “A New Page

    • Oh I hope so. I understand that some people don’t know, because a lot of trails do not have “rules” posted. But the worst of the people are the people who do know and think their right to be there trumps someone else’s. So frustrating. I might sit out in front of my house and hand these rules out! 🙂


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