It’s A Gimme Kind Of World

I’ve spent so much of my life asking for and hoping for.   I want and I wanna.   God gimme and let me have.   There must be more and I’ll do without to have it all.

I need to open my eyes and ask for things differently.

I need to pray and beg God to take, take, take from me.

Please take my anger and cast it far away.   Take the heat of my temper and cool it with  grace and patience.

Grasp my greed by the beastly power of hold it has on me and thrash it from my existence.

Open my eyes to my needs and take from me my blind vision of wants.  When living is full of getting what I buy and wanting what I can’t-please take from me the illusion of what I see.

When my world doesn’t cater to my desire and whim rip and tear from me the impatience I have cultivated.

If my world needs courtesy, kindness and love from me-please strip me of my impudence.

In my gimme gimme gimme give me world….take from me my attitudes, platitudes and selfishness.

Please take from me….what is wrong with me.