Hate In The Name Of God

A new reader joined my merry band of blog readers this week.  He commented on one of my blogs.  A thoughtful and sharing comment to which I responded.

In my response I made the comment:

“And religion being used as the foundation for hate? I’m with you. It is the worst. I was raised Catholic. I believe in God. How can anyone who believes in any form of Christianity (I can’t speak for other religions) think for one moment it is their job to hate in the name of God?”

This got me to thinking.

I’m not the best at thinking.  Though I do a lot of it so you would think with so much practice I’d be an expert.  Surprisingly, this is not so.

I’m not a scholar.  Though I do love to read and process as much information as possible.   The problem is I can’t retain half of what I read.

I’m pretty much one of those “I don’t usually get it” kind of people.   I tend to simplify things because it makes life easier.  Not that I’m lazy.  But when you start adding layers of rules and regulations and addendums and exemptions things start to get a little confusing.

So I thought maybe I could come up with my own simplified way to live, live well and live happy.   Here are some simple things I try to abide by.

1.  I do not hate in the name of God.

2.  Recognize all of the stupid, hurtful and idiotic things I have done and said.

3.  Learn from my stupidity.

4.  Don’t tell you how to live.

5.  Always use love as the default.

6.  Accept that I get angry and get over it.  It probably wasn’t worth the effort and energy I just expended throwing that cussing fit.

7.  Apologize to those I offend(ed) and support the apology by not repeating what I did to promote the need to apologize.

8.  Pray a lot.

9.  Realize that I am not the authority on anything.   I am more than willing to learn from others.

10.  Love what I have, where I am, what I am doing and those in my life.   Be grateful.

Not to be grandiose but I think I could fix this world.  I think there are a lot of “us” who could fix this world.  It’s as simple as asking questions if we don’t understand.   Know  it’s okay to not understand, it’s okay to not even agree.   I am a firm believer that when two people do not agree, it does not mean that one of them is wrong.

If you have any simple ways of living that I could learn from and benefit from.  Please feel free to share them with me.   I don’t know it all.  I just know enough to not hate.