Count Your Moments: 1…2….3….Infinity

I live big inside my head.  I live big, I live well, I live happy.

All on the moments that grace my life.

If it was up to me everyone would experience certain moments in life.  Moments that are full of joy and happy.  Moments in the spotlight, recognizing that you are a rockstar!   Or moments of laughter at one’s self.  Moments of adoration.   Moments where you realize the glory of something bigger than yourself.   Moments of power to your soul, to your heart, to your sense of right and wrong.

If it was up to me…..

Everyone would know the joy and wonder of a baby’s first moments.

Everyone would know laugh out loud moments.  Regardless of how ridiculous you think you look in the moment.  It feels too good to even notice.   You just laugh.   A lot.

Everyone needs to look  goofy at least once.

Everyone would see a mountain in all it’s magnificent power and beauty.

And everyone should have a moment of climbing that mountain to the summit.

A beautiful, white sandy beach.    Preferably a moment within a moment and mix it up with some romance.

A moment of experiencing  the birth place of your ancestors.  A moment of awareness of life before you.

The birth of their grandchild.  A moment of awareness that  life continues on past you.

Feel satisfaction in  accomplishing a goal moment.

A moment when you know you’ve seen an angel.  And feel the Grace Of God through a child.

Everyone should have their moment in the spotlight.  And know that they are a star.

An indoor picnic moment.  Because rain and night fall for a reason.   Celebrate it all.

Something bigger than yourself moment.

Something greater than we know moment.

Doing something you didn’t think you could do moment.

Reflective moments.

I live big inside my head.   My moments are life worthy, life lovely, and go on for infinity.   To fully appreciate my moments I make sure to spend many moments giving thanks.

And I do.   Thank Him.   Thank you.  Thank you.