Cowboy Stew

“Good evenin’ to ya Mum” she said with a courtesy as I came in the side door from work.

My mom greeted me with “mum” when I came home from work.   Personally, I found that quite funny.

My birthday was last week.  But today was the first day between our two schedules that she could come to my house and make me dinner.   It’s what she wanted to do for me.

I have no problems with that.

For weeks she asked me what I wanted.   For weeks I said “Cowboy Stew”.

“Oh Colleen, of all of the things I could make for you why would you want Cowboy Stew?”


Reasons List:

1.  My children would never eat cowboy stew.

2.  My husband will not eat cowboy stew.

3. Because of 1 and 2 I never got to eat it.

4.  Most people have no idea what I mean when I say ‘cowboy stew’.

5.  Most people wrinkle the nose and go “yuck” when I say what it is.

6.  There are no local cowboys that I can go and have stew with.

7.  No one else knows how to make cowboy stew.

8.  I feel like I’m ten again coming home to mom making cowboy stew.

9.  Because the last time I had mom’s cowboy stew I was a kid.

10.  Because that’s how I roll.

Oh…speaking of rolls she also made home made honey butter rolls.   All I know is my siblings can go ahead and pick the elaborate and complicated meals.   You know, like lasagna.   Or something frickaseed or frickasayed.   Me?  I’ll stick with the basic take you back to childhood and make you feel ten again kind of meal any day.

In case you doubt that I channeled the ten year old me here is proof:

That’s right, the ten year old me.  Except when I was ten I didn’t wear glasses.   Or a wedding band.  And my hair was down to my waist.   And I don’t have seven siblings shoved all around me who when mom says “lets say grace”  at least six of them say “grace”.   Which, depending on her mood was either really funny (even after 5013 times of saying it) or the dumbest thing you could have said. Aside from that it looks just like me at ten.   Just like.

Oh, and did I mention the chocolate cherry cake?

And due to the seven siblings declining my generous offer to share the cowboy stew…..plenty of left over cake for me.

And also since they declined the offer they didn’t get to hear mom go on and on about how wonderful I am and how much she appreciates me.  And how much she wishes the other seven were more like me.   And how she really hates that they couldn’t come over but it didn’t matter because I’m her favorite anyway.   I will say, it was not as much fun channeling my childhood without them.

However, it is their loss.

I have plenty of cowboy stew to last.

Thanks Mom.

It should be noted that the obedient 10 year old pictured above did not put a picture of mom in this blog.  Per her demand.  If only I could put up a picture of her in her apron doing a courtesy and greeting me with “good evenin’ to ya’ Mum”.    

Back to being a grown up.


8 thoughts on “Cowboy Stew

  1. You are too funny! That was awesome, and yet so totally fabricated in your creative memory processes I can’t help but feel sorry for you. You know as well as I do that *I* (emphasis added!) am the true favorite, the diamond among the tawdry colored “gemstones” and the sparkle in her eyes. Kudos to you for making the most of it, though, putting those fictional writing talents of yours to work. Be strong sunshine, second place isn’t so bad!! 😉

    PS; wish I could have been there.


  2. While I’m not down with the cow part of Cowboy Stew (or ground up boy, either), I am so glad you had a night with Mom all to yourself and an extra large pot of something that makes you happy.

    Damn, those rolls look AWESOME! As soon as I saw them, I knew they were the sacred honey butter rolls – I could actually taste them.

    Wish we could have joined you! But happy you had such a good time…


  3. So sweet of your Mom! Happy birthday! You made me drool over the chocolate cherry cake and honey butter roll. We have our own version of cowboy stew, without the cowboy — just stew 🙂


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