Welcome To Our World Baby Boy Beautiful!

A Day Of Waiting, Anticipating, Loving.

There would be no sleep had on the eve of this highly anticipated day.

We all ‘woke up’ having had a combined total of five minutes of sleep.  No worries.  We can sleep while daughter is in labor.  I know, heartless sounding.   But the worries and anxiety didn’t let me sleep for two nights so I’m not thinking clearly.   Surely I won’t sleep while she is in labor.

So here is the nervous daddy to be (DTB) putting socks on the mommy to be (MTB).  MTB says the only reason DTB is not grumbling about having to do this is because I’m there watching.

Here is Mamo and Po waiting while MTB and DTB do the dutiful insurance sign in.

5 a.m. does not look good on everyone!

And off they go to the maternity ward!!!

Now we sit in the empty cafeteria.  Should we sleep now or wait until we go upstairs to join them?  Then go to sleep.  Oh wait…text from DTB.   We can’t come upstairs until 8:00 a.m.   Uhm.  Cafeteria sitting until 8:00 then.   It is now 5:55 a.m.   No complaints here.  If I was at home or work I would be beside myself wishing I was at least sitting in the cafeteria so I would be there.  So there, here, is where I am.

Po’s camp:


Mamo’s camp:


There was no sleep.

MTB  and DTB have a wonderful little suite.  It’s softly lighted.  Music playing.   And they wait.  The pain started pretty furiously.   MTB having contractions one to two minutes apart.

DTB loves MTB.

And they are doing so well.

There is nothing easy about walking in to a room with your own child lying on a bed.  With pain contorting her face.  But there is nothing going to stop me from giving her comfort.  Encouragement.  Help in any way I can.   She’s doing great.   She knows on the other side of the pain, is the High King himself.   What she feels, he feels, but he doesn’t understand it or know.  But when he’s here he knows where the comfort will come from.  Her voice will soothe him.  Her touch reassure him he is still safe.

There’s nothing as exciting as this wait.

As Mamo’s, Po’s, Grandma’s, Aunts, and cousins awaited him…..   we had an uptake in adrenaline and all things anxiety related.


She had me go back in the room.  She was starting to feel pain she hadn’t felt before.   The nurse said she was going to take a quick snack because MTB was going to have a lunch time baby.


The birthing team!

Just minutes later the doctor comes in and I step around  a divider and he says very quickly “your complete.”

Now I don’t talk medical talk.  But to me that sounds like “HERE HE COMES”.

The nurses kept smiles on their faces.  Efficiently and quickly they unfolded what lie in the locked closet.  Turning the quiet suite in to a delivery room.   I hugged a corner.  The daughter didn’t want me to see her “stuff”.   Rest assured, I did not want to see it either.

 The doctor told MTB “don’t sneeze”.

DTB stands to MTB’s left.   Mamo stands to MTB’s right.

They get her ready.   Technically she was ready.  They got all things medical ready.

He shows her how to crunch when he tells her to, he counts to ten to show her how long this will take for each push.   He was calm.  When I asked MTB if she was ready he said “I am”.   When I asked MTB if she was nervous he said “I’m not”.    He stayed light hearted and calming.

MTB started to tremble a little bit.

DTB’s eyes became dilated and fixed.

Doctor said “we’re ready”.   He told her to go ahead and push.

And she did.

Three rounds of pushing.

And the world has resident number 7 Billion.

A Mommy and Daddy were created with his arrival.

He is beautiful.   He looks like daddy.   He is hairy like his mommy was when she was born.  He weighs exactly the same as his Mamo did when she was born.

Mommy cried.

Daddy laughed.

Mamo and Grandma prayed their hearts could take this.

The miracle of his little self….is here.

And with his arrival, hope is born.

There is hope in his newness.   His innocence.  His future.  His growth.  His development.

He could be a leader.  Or he can be strong in his support.  He can create.  Or he can better what already is.  He can right wrongs.   He can protect.  He can learn.  He can teach.   He can build.  He can be tender.  He can be ferocious.  He can be beautiful.   He can appreciate beauty.

But for right now all he has to do is be loved.

And he is.

He is so very loved.

Welcome to our world lovely little boy.

God watch over you.  Guide you.   And we thank Him for giving you to us.

World….stand up and rejoice with us in loving him, protecting him, and welcoming him.

What a grand, grand day.