Dear Little Man

Dear Little Man,

I’m very excited to see you.  But I can’t wish you here earlier.  You’ll get here when you’re suppose to.   Any earlier is not fair to you.   So we will wait.

But I might as well give you some advance notice of how things will play out.   Just so you’re prepared.

Let me start with those two people you’re going to be moving in with.   They are very impatient first of all.  They want you here and they want you here now.  So get ready.  Because when you get here they will then be eagerly anticipating your first smile, your first pooh, your first laugh, the first time you sleep through the night, the first time you eat something solid, and then both will secretly be trying to get you to say “momma” or “dada” before you say the other.   Be forewarned.  They will be comparing you to pictures of everyone.   And you might as well get use to the fact that you will be the most handsome child ever born.   They will both claim you look just like them.

Just so you know, all of the behaviors you are about to experience are the norm.  The norm for a very loved and anticipated little man like yourself.

Aside from those two crazies you will have a couple of aunts who are going to think you are something special.   You might as well let them kiss you and hug you and dress you up in funny little clothes.  Why?   Because the more you get use to their loving now, the more you’ll be able to handle it when you have to deal with it on a more grown up version.  You know, like when they meet girls you date and start telling the cute little girl how they use to change your diaper and clean your butt.   Sorry, but yes, aunts will do that.

Uncles might be a little more restrained.   But not much.   The only reason they won’t talk about cleaning your butt is because they’re all going to try and get out of ever having to change your diaper.   That’s your saving grace on that.

There’s always going to be someone wanting you to be a little man (probably your dad, your mom when she knows you’re too little to be any kind of man).   Someone will always want you to be their little boy (probably your mom because she’ll want you to be her little boy and your dad will fight her on this).    They’re going to tell you how to be a man and have totally different opinions on how this is accomplished.   That is likely to come from everyone.  Men will think they know best how to be a man, women will think they know best on what a man should be like.   You would think that is the same thing, it’s not.  Not even close.

You have about twenty sets of grandparents.  That might be an exaggeration.   But I think I’m fairly close to that estimate.   I will say you have about 3000 cousins.  I might have underestimated that.  Your cousins will be your first friends.  Your grandparents will be your best friends.

You might as well prepare yourself for never having an alone moment.  I know.  You would think people would give you a moment’s peace.  It will not happen.   Not for a very long time.   If ever.   From the moment you get here there will be people holding you , hugging you, kissing on you, smelling your freshly washed little head and pulling socks off of your feet to check them out.   I don’t understand the feet thing, but they’re going to do it.

I do have so much to tell you and share with you.   I have a lot of hopes for you.  I hope you are ready because there is so much you’re going to do, experience and look forward to.  I’m very excited for you.

I have a few things I want for you so I thought I’d get a jump on everyone else and send you this letter.   I have some things I will pray for you.   I pray for you to always know the love that is building with each passing day as we wait for you.   That love will know no end.  But on your arrival I hope it fills your heart and presence and you feel it always.  I pray that you will be surrounded by strength, kindness and grace all of your days.   And that you return the same to your world.   Soak it in and radiate it out.   I pray that you recognize blessings and give thanks for them.   I pray you know you are a blessing to someone, always.   I pray for you to have fun and be fun.  I pray that you understand fear and know courage.

I guess I want you to know, that I will always be praying for you.   You will always have someone to talk to.  To help you.  To guide you.  To listen to you.  To sing you songs.  To ask you about your day.  To get excited about seeing you.   You are always going to have someone loving you.   I can promise you this.

The more I write the more I realize there is so very much to tell you.   I guess I will have to get back with you over the years to tell you more.   So let’s just start with what I’ve touched on here.   Remember the basics:

Parents=crazy love

Everyone Else=support the crazy love


And always remember ….