The Upside of Siblingdom

Yesterday was all about siblings fighting.

It happens.

Today I thought I might turn things about and give the upside of siblingdom.

When you have a bazillion (or seven) siblings there’s always:

Someone to laugh at a TV show with.

Someone to ask a math question.

Someone to stand next to you when someone who is not a sibling is mean to you.

Someone to yell at from the bathroom to get some toilet paper from the other bathroom because you noticed too late that this bathroom didn’t have any.

Someone to stand on the back of old utility trucks with and sing like we are rock stars.   And the clothes prove it.

Someone to help push the old jeep dad bought the boys to get it started (flashback to yesterday’s post it should have been listed that even after pushing the jeep to get it started your sibling doesn’t give you a ride to school.  Yeah, I haven’t forgotten that one).

Someone to complain to about another sibling.

Someone to brag about to your friends.

Someone who knows exactly who you mean when you say “Grandfather” and exactly who you mean when you say “Grandpa”.

Unless you were #8 someone younger to tell them what to do.

But if you were #8 you were the one everyone wanted to hug and kiss because you were so cute.

Someone to nudge you awake when you fell asleep in church.

Someone to keep you from falling over when you just can’t quite hold yourself up.   Yet.

Someone to get called to comfort you in the girl’s bathroom during the tornado drill because you were freaked out.

Lots of someones to cheer when you graduated.

A choir singing the birthday song around your birthday cake.

Someone to miss you when you grow up and are the first to move out.

Or the second…third….so on.

Someone to call when you don’t know how to buy a car.  Or a house.  Or a dress.

Someone to look at old pictures with and laugh at the way we all looked.

Or share in the wonderment of what were our parents thinking when they put those ridiculously short dresses on us!

Someone who appreciates the same memories.

Someone who sees each other in new faces.  Our children’s faces.

Siblingdom.   A kingdom of brotherhood and sisterhood.   It’s who  we are first.  And forever.