A Walk To Dinner

I decided the husband and I would walk to dinner tonight.   It’s Saturday.  It’s October.  It’s eighty degrees.   Why wouldn’t we walk to dinner?

I’m glad we did.    It was quite the pleasant adventure.

All along the walk there are little snippets of nature.   Even in the middle of town.

Another Creek. Or Crick. ?

Creek or Crick?

There were cute little entry ways to people’s homes.  I was a little leery of taking pictures.   I didn’t want anyone to think I was casing their houses.   But I got this picture and no one came running after me so I didn’t push my luck.

Things got a little more interesting as we walked along.

We came across monsters!  And a humongous spider!

But seeing as how they were buried up to their waists I took their picture, suggested they clean themselves up and left.   The spider was too cool to pay us any attention whatsoever.

You would think monsters and spiders the size of a small car would be enough.  No.  It wasn’t.    Next we happened upon a dinosaur !

He was eyeing me a little too happily.   I ran like the wind.

But saw this tree and was reminded it was autumn.    In Ohio.   Not July.   Which is what it feels like.  Thankfully.

We went to dinner and took a different way home.   I went on this walk with every intention of taking these pictures.   What I didn’t expect to happen were two different interactions.   Interactions.   With people.   Unexpected pleasures.

As we headed towards a bridge I knew I would want to take a picture of, we saw in the distance a young man and young woman.  When I say young  they could have been 16, or a little older.  I don’t know.   But they were a huggin’ and a kissin’ like they were not suppose to be together.   Which is what husband and I both suspected at the time but didn’t discuss until later.  But we had two different opinions on that.   Husband said when we first saw this:

“Can’t they find any place better to make out than the bike path?”   I asked the husband “have you never made out on a bike path?”    He conceded.

As we approached they were kissing like crazy.   He looks up and smiles at us.  I said “hi”.   He said “hi”.   She said “hi”.   As we walk away she says “you’re so pretty”.   I turn around and say “so are you”.    She said “I know I am“.    Of course she could have been being sarcastic.  However, I choose to believe she really meant it.   Despite the fact the girl who cut my hair this week nearly cut it all off, and my granddaughter tells me I look like a boy….  I did have on my fancy Ray Bans.   I do have stunning dark hair with a shock of silver in front.   I choose to believe she meant it.  It made me smile.   And I’m still smiling.

As we crossed the bridge there was a young girl standing on it.   She was probably the excuse the other girl gave her mom:   “I’m going for a walk with my friend“.   I will say in her defense  he was cute and probably worth a grounding when mom finds out she snuck to see him.

As we walked off of the bridge there was another couple walking their dogs.  As I approached I said “hi, how are you?”

The absolute best response I have ever gotten from that generic greeting washed over me in a wave of purity.   She said :

Blessed and Forgiven”.


I took that exactly as she meant it.   I asked if I could take their dogs pictures and they said yes.   Meet Shadow and Oreo.   Though Oreo did not want to sit still.

He lunged as I took the picture. Sorry.








I intended to just have a nice walk, a little dinner and take some pictures of a small town setting on a beautiful day.

But I am ending this walk in my favorite chair to write in.



Thinking about blessings.   Feeling a little extra special.

And with a full belly.

Life is pretty sweet.

When you love little moments.

And fill your life with them.