Each American Is Responsible For America

I believe in the goodness of mankind.  I believe in the goodness of America.

I don’t believe that every man/woman is good.  I don’t believe that everything in America is good.

I read today some stories about America being “soft”.

Are we?

I think we should help our neighbors, our friends, and strangers when they have fallen on hard times. I think we should offer a helping hand, charity and the necessities of living.

I do not think we should carry those who are unwilling to work.   Unwilling to be responsible.  Unwilling to provide for themselves and their families.

There is a huge difference between “can’t” and “won’t”.

I see a lot of “won’ts”.   A few years ago one of my doctors and I got in to a long discussion about the welfare of our town, county, country.  He said he is stunned at the number of patients who during their course of treatment with him, tell him that he does not know what it’s like to be poor.  He’s a doctor after all.   He said they have no idea what he does to provide for his family, and keep a business running to provide jobs for his staff.   His day is not 9 to 5.   His day is doing books, paperwork, billing, cutting the grass at his office, shoveling snow at his office.   Continuing education.   Maintenance at his office.  Seeing the patients is the 9 to 5 job.   Maintaining his business and doing the behind the scenes work is the other five hours a day.   Year round.   He can’t afford to pay others to do it.  He already pays a staff of fifteen.   He must make enough profit to pay his staff, bills for the office, and provide for his family.

He said if he wasn’t a doctor he would work three jobs at McDonald’s and Burger King if that is what he had to do to provide for his family.

It’s people like him that built our America.

It’s people who think a doctor’s (lawyer/real estate broker/business man) life is “easy” that are destroying it.

There is no “easy” in success.

Is it a tough existence right now?  You betcha.   Are people having a difficult time?  Yes, they are.

But there are jobs out there.  I see “help wanted” signs all over the place.

And I see people not working, all over the place.

I see people not being responsible and having children without any means whatsoever to provide for them.   They know they can “get help”.   Unfortunately “help” turns in to lifestyle, a demand and an expectation.

I remember my dad owned his own business.   And he worked another, sometimes two, other jobs at a time.   I remember we all pitched in.   We worked and earned our own money.   Or we helped at home when mom and dad did work.   It’s what families do.

America is great.   Opportunity is here.   Most people work to support their families.  If you are lucky you work doing something you love.  If you are lucky you work and like your job, feeling good about earning your own way.   If you are lucky you have a sense of responsibility.  You get up, you go to work.  You come home and pay attention to your children and family members.  If you are lucky you get assistance to go through school, you take your child to school, you spend your food stamps wisely to be as careful as you can with how far your help can go.  You don’t want to be on foodstamps, but you don’t want your child going hungry.   If you are lucky you take advantage of what is there, you go to school and you better your situation.   Opportunity may not be the same for everyone, but it is there.   If you are lucky you get and take a job in a fast food or service field that pays you not near enough.   But you do the best job you can and someone recognizes your willingness to do what you need to do, someone pays attention to your attendance and punctuality.  And if you are lucky your efforts at any job-are noticed.  And you advance.

Hmmmm.   Maybe that is not luck.   Maybe that is dedication.  Determination.   Love for your family.  Unwillingness to be held back.   Maybe it is you being a responsible citizen.

If you are lazy, you don’t work.  If you are lazy, you take money from your Grandmother’s Social Security check to buy your energy drinks and your cigarettes.  And pay for your cell phone.  If you’re lazy you sit on walls all around town watching everyone else going back and forth during their work day.  Or like this morning, remain passed out on the basketball court in the middle of a park where people take their children to play.   If you are lazy you stay awake until 5 a.m. playing games on an expensive game system that you spent money on even though you didn’t help your parents pay rent.   Money you didn’t put gas in the car with so you could go look for a job.   If you are lazy you sleep for ten hours during the day while your WWII veteran Grandfather sits in his chair waiting all day for someone to help him get up and go to the bathroom, or get him some lunch.   He doesn’t worry about taking his medication because he knows it’s all ready been stolen.   Go ahead and sleep, Grandpa will just have to wait for you.

Hmmmmm.   Maybe that is not lazy.   Oh, wait, no, it is.

I am very aware that there are mental health issues.   Drug issues.   Bad karma issues.    The problem isn’t just the issues.  It is the excuses we allow and the excuses we give-to let these issues be problems.   Not all issues are excuses to not live up to the best you can be.  Not all issues are excuses to demand everything from everyone else.

Whatever our issue/issues is/are we have responsibility to ourselves to do the best we can.   I know people who are mentally/developmentally disabled who go to work every single day.   They get paid a pittance for their work.   It’s meaningful work.   To them, it is work, and to them that matters.   They want to work, they want to earn.   They want to function as responsible  human beings.   I know people who are physically disabled who go to school, go to work, and serve this country.  And they want to.   They don’t want an excuse, they don’t want to be different, they want to earn, they want to work.

Why are we allowing able bodied, able minded people to suck us dry?

This isn’t a rant by any means.   It’s what I notice almost every day.

There is help for those who need help.   I like that.  I do that.   I agree with that.

I just think that America is not failing our people if we tell someone to get a job.  We are not failing them if we tell them no, we won’t give you money if  you test positive for drugs.   We are not soft if we have expectations of our people to be the best they can be, today.

Students/children-go to school.

Parents-parent your children.

Adults-work to pay for what you need, and anything you may want.

If you need help, we need to help.

If you think you deserve to have your country, your world, provide for you without any assistance from you-convince me why.

You have a responsibility to yourself.   Your country.   I don’t think your country should accept your excuses anymore.