Spin It

When something in life is not right with you-spin it.

And appreciate it.

When I’m trying to be deep in thought and silence is my friend…. and husband is making un-Godly amounts of noise by slamming doors, stomping across the floor because walking is too easy, and clanging the silverware…  When I start to get frustrated I think about him not being there to slam, stomp and put away the silverware.   And I thank God for him being with me.   And putting up with my frustrations.  And forgiving me.

When the kids tell me un-Godly long stories that can really be summed up in ten seconds…. I chastise myself and thank God for giving me children who want to tell me everything in their lives.  For having children who find me important.   For children who need me every day.   For children to love and be loved by.   I pray they will never tire of talking to me

When the other drivers on the road are totally incompetent in their understanding of road signs and general driving rules…. I thank God I have the ability to forgive them because I want someone to forgive me when I go too slow, or don’t speed through a yellow light so the guy behind me can get through, or when I let someone out in front of a long line of cars behind me.

When I have to deal with a totally inappropriate acting person at work…..   I remind myself to be thankful “there but for the grace of God go I”.    I try to give them a moment where someone gives them respect, maybe they can’t give it because they don’t know it.

When my computer, my cable, my internet, my electric goes off for three hours, or three minutes…..  I remind myself this is not a tragedy.   Not even close.

When I think I am a total noob and can’t quite get things right…. I remind myself that hey sometimes I do get it right.  And not being right, every single time, is not a requirement to a successful life.

When I feel heavy of heart and mood….  I remind myself of all of the blessings I have every day.   I have love.  I have family.   I have friends.  I have joy.  I have faith.   I have expectations.  I have hope.  I have sadness.  I have the ability to appreciate what I have.   And respect the fact that I don’t deserve everything.   I remind myself I can work for what I want.   I can live without things I can’t earn, can’t create, or can’t find.   I appreciate that I can feel shame and try to make amends or work on bettering myself.

I’m spinning, spinning, spinning today.