Run Mama Run!

We have officially entered “Baby Watch 2011”.   Appearance number 1 will be my first grandson.

He may not be ready to make an appearance.

But we are certainly ready for him to do so.

I do not believe in making babies get here before they are ready.   I really don’t.   They have been making grand entrances long before we learned that we could decide their arrival date for them.

Earlier when I posted asking about labor inducing foods I did so in jest.

And later when I went on a walk with pregnant daughter and SIL (son in law) I only encouraged her to run because I thought a good cardio workout was in order.

Not bad form for someone at the very end of her third trimester.   And for someone who avoids running at all costs.

She took to the running pretty good.

Though hills were  a little difficult.

Running at this point was more like trying not to roll backwards.

Think of SIL as her jet pack.

Once she started running again all was good.

No, she is not crying in this picture!

Oh I did not make her run!  These are posed pictures people.  It was not even my idea for her to walk the two miles she insisted on walking.

And though I am not wishing Little Man here before he is ready to be here.  After her eating Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, White Castle and walking for 2 miles….

He might be ready tonight.