What To Eat To Induce Labor!?

Quick!  My very pregnant daughter is on her way over here.  She is so pregnant I am now texting her numerous times a day to ask her how she feels.    I need to know what to get her for lunch.  You know, that one food that is most commonly eaten right before labor starts.  What is it???

Yes, I could google it.  But I want to kind of go old school.   Don’t judge me for using the blog and Facebook!    Old school meaning ask all of you…

What should I “suggest” for lunch …. hoping Little Man will decide to join us for dinner?


Aren’t babies great?   And waiting for them is one of the most wonderful anticipations of life.

I am anticipating holding his wonderfully warm little self in a way only Mamo’s can hold babies.

I am anticipating seeing my child and her husband hold their beautiful son for the first time.

I am anticipating the love and excitement that all of us will shower on them and surround him with.

I am anticipating a life full of his moments.   Made special because he is her son.

I am anticipating all of this.

So what should I give her for lunch?