Yo Fannie!

Here’s a shout out to Fannie Flagg!

One thing about writing that I love so much is that because people write, we all get to read!

It’s a win/win.

For those who love to write, there is always someone who loves to read.

I have always been in love with books.   In a sing song voice:   looooove ’em!

Reading is probably why I love to write so much.   Kids who love football usually like to play football, right?   I have always loved to read.

Anyway this blog has absolutely no other purpose than to point out that Fannie Flagg is an incredible author.  I love her work.  I just started another one of her books that somehow flew under my radar.   Her characters are people.

I have never read anything of hers I did not like.  And hope to read a whole lot more.   Come on Fannie!   Get to workin’!

Thanks Fannie!