I Am So Beautiful? Awww. Oooops.

The other day husband and I were doing a bit of running around.

That is all you really need to know for the background of this story.   Because that is all that I remembered.

Today husband sees a young girl who checked us out at Dairy Queen.  She is a student, he is a teacher, they see each other at school.   And she says “you’re wife is so beautiful”.

Husband says “why thank you very much”.

Immediately as he tells me this I am all “awwww shucks”  and “wow”  and she’s probably my favorite today.   How wonderful of her to say.

But then he continues with his story.  Husband reminds  me, uhm, that was your daughter sitting in the front seat.  Your pregnant daughter.   You were sitting in the back seat.

Oh.   Yeah.

He didn’t realize this when the student/cashier said this to him.   He just remembered the Blizzards.

Upon realizing this he goes to find the student/cashier and tells her  “no no no that was not my wife.  My wife was in the backseat.  That was my daughter.”    He of course fearing the student would think him  a low life scum for having such a young beautiful wife.

She said “oh, good,   I thought she was pretty young for you”.

Interesting…..she never chimed in with “she’s pretty smokin’ too” in reference to the woman sitting in the back seat.

When I said that to husband he said “she couldn’t see you”.   Good save husband.

I was pretty pleased with the fact that I have a beautiful daughter.   Actually, I have two beautiful daughters.   Thanks for noticing world.

6 thoughts on “I Am So Beautiful? Awww. Oooops.

  1. BUT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! Where in the heck do you think Brittany and Nessie get it from? Take a moment….think about it…..that’s right, there is only ONE possible answer; Aunt Bubba. And many think you look like me, so, see, you ARE beautiful!!!!!

    I’m so laughing….that was NOT the way the post started out, but it took on a life of its own and I couldn’t stop it!!!!! :):):)


    • Hahaha! Uh….thanks. But they have their own beauty I can’t take credit for! God certainly picked out some good stuff for them. It was too funny when he called me today to tell me this.

      And I did not expect anything less! 🙂


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