One Hundred Jumps

Years ago I joined a martial arts class.

I have no idea why.  I was not naturally graceful or flexible or in good shape.  But I did it.  I use to inwardly groan through the hundreds of jumping jacks.  Hundreds.  And hundreds of them.  It was the worst part of class for me.   Once they were over there were stretches that involved sitting down.

I loved that part.

The sitting down part.

This Is Me When I joined TKD-Probably Why I Despised Jumping Jacks

Over the years I started to love other parts of the workout more, or less, than other parts.  I didn’t pay attention to the jumping jacks.   I just did them because there were other parts to get to and inwardly groan about.  Or thoroughly enjoy.

I pretty much did the jumping jacks without thought to them.

When I was the one standing in front of the class I didn’t give them any thought because I was watching everyone else.   And smiling.

I had one little girl in class for a year or so.  No matter what we were doing she was smiling away.  During jumping jacks she would just grin and sometimes giggle.   Which made me smile.    For some reason, being in front of the class, made the jumping jacks easier.


I don’t always get to participate in the jumping jacks.   I have relegated myself to the back of the class.  To help where and how I can with anyone else who is needing my help.   I have “earned” the “right” to not have to do jumping jacks.  It’s not that I choose to not do jumping jacks.  But sometimes that time is used for the instructors to work on something that there isn’t always time for.   Last night I had a bit of an eye opening moment when during jumping jacks there were moans, excitement and reminiscing.   Yes, about jumping jacks.  Everyone in class seemed, to me, to represent different stages of my jumping jack theory of life.

Me After 14 (ish) Years of Jumping Jacks. No, I'm Not Doing A Jumping Jack Here.

I had a flashback to those classes where I dreaded the jumping jacks.

I had a flashback to where they were so routine, and easy, that I flew through them with ease.

There was a lot of time, and jumping, passing through those 2 very different flash backs.

I realized how far I have come that a hundred jumping jacks is something I can do with ease and comfort and actually miss them when I can’t do them.

What else have I gotten better at?  More comfortable with?

What other things have I jumped through?

How about you?