Hey Baby….


That’s right, you baby.

I don’t wanna schmooze you…

But I kinda do….

I got a few things I need to say to you, before I go kissin’ all over you.

Just so you know.

I promise with all of my heart that you have my heart.

I won’t share it or cheat on you.  I’ll give it all to you.

Every single day.

I promise you my love is real.  Nothing fake about it.

I promise I only have eyes for you.

No other baby will do.

I promise to stay forever true.

You will never doubt my love for you.

There won’t be a day of my life I don’t pray for you.

I’ll hold you tight and sing you songs.

I’ll fight your foes and fix my wrongs-

To see you smile in love at me.










Cause there’s no one else like you baby.

Baby Warning:  These are the goofy things you have to look forward to when you are at a certain someone’s house and that certain someone is making up words and singing to you.

But Baby, I promise you this:  no one on the face of this earth will be loved more than you.  Ask those other four babies.