Pregnant Pause

Come on!  This title is pretty funny!  Considering where I am going with this….

I obviously have my brain somewhere else right now.  I sit down to write every day and I find myself staring out the window, or at pictures, or at the inside of my head where all of my memories are stored.  I think about my daughters, and her daughters, and her soon to be son.   I think about the journey they are starting on.  And starting on a new and different journey of my own, one that has changed after over twenty years of traveling.

Usually my writings take on different aspects, activities, thoughts and musings that humor me or astound me during the day at hand.

But I am well aware I have paused in the midst of all different kinds of  creativity and ponderings to just be excited and joyful in  anticipation.

And my world is full of anticipation.   It surrounds me.

Within a few short weeks of one another some very important people in my life are going to be bringing forth more important people in my life.

My child will have her first child.

My sister will have a child.

My niece will have a child.

My friend will have a child.

And my little Godson is already here, getting a good jump on the others by a few months.

Talk about anticipation!

New life.   Where will they go?  What will they do?  What will they see?  I anticipate their arrival.   I anticipate the glory of the miracle that is each of them.  I anticipate the excitement they will create in their lifetime.

So here I sit….paused.  Unable to stray my thoughts far from these expectations.  I anticipate arrivals.

And lifetimes.