Seventeen Pound Baby!

I don’t normally write about such vivid and personal things.  But I just have to share this!

My daughter is expecting her baby boy.

Well, was!

Last night she had him!

It was very exciting!

And super fast!

For all of the anticipation it only took minutes.

Daughter and SIL (son in law) were out shopping.  Daughter had a pain.   They got to the hospital.  We all got to the hospital.  Since I literally live within sight of the hospital I got there before they did.

The room was big.  I was standing to Daughter’s left.  Not very close mind you.  I didn’t want to see anything!

The doctor had the long white birthing tube in his hands.  Apparently babies are now being born through a tube.  He steps to her legs and says “OH MY GOD!”

And no sooner does he hold the tube down than the baby is born!  He barely caught him! Just in time!  Literally catching him. What an easy birth!


Jubilation and joy!

And from my kind of trained eye on baby size he did indeed look like a big baby.  Just as the doctor expected.

The nurse was holding baby boy!  We couldn’t wait to get him!!!

She exclaims “he weighs seventeen pounds!”

We were so elated.  He was big.  Healthy.  Smiling.   Daughter got up, SIL and she took baby boy and went back to shopping.


This was my dream.

I guess maybe I should have started with that.