*Sigh* I am What I am

Technically I am a grandma.

I know.  But I am a very young grandma.  I had my children when I was fifteen and they had their kids when they were fifteen.  I am so kidding.   There is absolutely NO truth to that.  I am 48.  I had my first child at 22.  Just to give full disclosure.

I am a very young 48.

I do not look like a grandma.

But today I went to a volleyball game for my niece who is in fourth grade.  Fourth grade! Which means the children are ten, some are probably even eleven.

Being the phenomenal aunt and uncle that Husband and I are we took Timbits and left over Halloween candy to the game.  After the first set we had the honor of sitting with the team.  I also sat with my sister in law and nieces and nephews.  Until the candy hit their blood stream and the children ran off to play.  We also shared the candy with the team mates.  Who seemed to really appreciate it and had lovely manners with their thank you’s and asking before they took any.

Then it happened.

One of the team mates asked my niece:  Is that your grandma?

Sure.  Innocent.  She didn’t know any better.  Whaaaaaaat  Eveeeeeeeeeer.

My head snapped up and I said “who said that?”

My niece was standing next to another little girl.  My niece was smiling.  But quickly pointed out the culprit.  My niece thought it was funny.  I, however, want to point out something.

I am not grandma looking!  No offense grandma’s.  I am one.  I love being one.  But I do not appear to be a grandma.  I am the “oh you don’t look old enough to be a grandma” grandma.

I am the fun aunt.

I am the cool sibling.

I am the Mamo.

Do I look like a grandma?   

Okay, well, this picture of me might be a little dated.  But it’s not that old.  I’ve had my hair cut since then.   But I still resemble that picture.

Oh wait….here’s a more recent one:

Yeah.   That’s right.  Just a couple of months ago.



So.  Here’s the deal world of mine.   I am a….grandma.  Apparently I have to accept that to the world of little people I may now appear to be a grandma.

But let me point out to you-this world of mine….

                                                                 ……..I am changing what Grandma looks like.


Grandma’s-  let us live so that they will one day want to be Grandma’s …..

Just like us.

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