Names Of Love

Have I ever shared my nicknames with you?  I may have but here we go again.

There are numerous names.   Some of which I do not know the origin.

I like nicknames.  My siblings and I are lucky to remember each others given names.   The familiar name to us, is the nickname.   I am saddened when I talk to people who don’t have nicknames.   I think nicknames are a powerful moniker of love, affection and relationship.   It usually has a story (even if it isn’t known).

My “AKA”s:

Pinky  (because my brothers were mean when we were young)

Clink or Klink

Kye or Cie

Moose (sadly this was by a husband…..)

Mammy or Ma’am (same husband, I never did get it….)

Molly  (same husband, I wonder if he didn’t remember my name….)

Spastic Colon (nurses, you gotta love them)

Miss Good (my uncle nailed that one!)

Cbagney (I am top notch detective)

Favorite Sister (each sibling has requested I keep this secret from the others.   Sorry, secret is out.  IF they all read my blog I’d be worried.  They don’t so what they don’t know….)

Number One Daughter (sorry sisters, you really kind of knew didn’t you?)

Porky (this is very new and I wasn’t suppose to know about it, it refers to my porcupine hair not my weight.  I find it funny.   They spell it “Porci” but I like the spelling Porky better.)

Mamo (okay I gave myself this one and repeated it thousands  of times to babies so they will say it before “Grandma”.  It seems to have taken.  Yay.)

I am sure there are many more that I probably don’t want to know about and that may not fall under the category of “love names”.    🙂  I’m okay with that too.  I probably deserve one or two of those!

One of my favorite nickname stories though involves my youngest daughter.   When she was born she sneezed endlessly.   Daily.  Some days probably registered a hundred sneezes.  She coughed.  She sneezed.  She sneezed again.  All of us in the house were diligent about blessing her.   We would say every single time she sneezed “God bless your Littleness”.   I mean every  time.   It wasn’t so much that we got lazy.  But over the first four years of her life this went on how many thousands of times?  And sometimes the “God bless your Littleness” had to come in rapid succession.   The phrase was shortened to “Bless your Littleness”.   This was shortened to “Bless you Nessie”.    Now, when you call my daughter “Nessie” you are in effect saying “God Bless Your Littleness”.    And that is certainly a name of love.