Parenting Forever and Ever Amen

The moments of parenthood that matter:

All of them.

And they don’t stop because the kids get older.

As my children and I grew up together…

I always joked (but was really serious) about how strong I was.  We would make on going jokes about how I could kick butt (and seriously son in laws, I can).   I always tried my best to be steady when life was rocky.

I read a story once where a mom dealt with her child’s statement of “mom I hate you”   with her own retort of  “that’s okay I’ll love you enough for both of us”.   I tried to adopt that attitude with my own children.  Because I knew raising girls (having been one) would always come with challenges.

I use to tell my kids all the time, when they were angry or upset with me:   stop thinking what you’re thinking because I know what you’re thinking about me.   It would usually create a break in the tension.   Or a stomp.   Either was okay.

But really….I had moments, and many of them, wondering what my child(ren) thought of me.  How did they picture me?   What image did they hold in their hearts and minds, of me?  What, exactly, was it that I gave to them?

And things that matter continue to matter.

My child calls.   She needs me.  She takes comfort from my presence.  She relies on my strength.   She knows that I love her enough for both of us.

In her eyes I am strong, I am steady, and just being close to her gives her peace.

Parenthood never ends.

Thank God.