Good Times At The ER!

You wouldn’t think pain shooting up your leg and waking you at 3:00 a.m. would possibly lead to anything good.

You should live in my head, because it does.

It’s been a busy and very happy week.   I’m happy it’s Friday because I have great plans.  I spent the evening with my husband, daughter and grandson.  I go home.  Shower.  Go to bed.   Nothing drastic but everything good and great.

Eventually I go to sleep.  Always a good way to end a good day.

Then a ripping, throbbing, shooting pain erupts from the side of my left calf up to the outside of my knee.  It goes away.  It comes back.  It goes away.  It comes back.  It keeps this up for I’m not sure how long.  I try to ignore it.  I know I shouldn’t ignore it.  But I wanted to sleep.  I got up and went to the recliner in the living room to look up these symptoms.  Hoping to find they could mean something other than a blood clot.   Having had a massive blood clot years ago, I did not want another.

Surely this was not a repeat.

It has  to be something else.   Maybe it’s related to that cracking in my foot when I was doing my TKD in the living room?  It cracked, it hurt, it went away.

I’m not a doctor.  I don’t know the answers.  But I do know my body.   And I can take pain.   A lot of pain.  This pain did not subside.  It’s hard to describe how something does not hurt, then hurts like hell, then does not hurt, then hurts like hell.   With only seconds in between.   Pain.  Oh…okay it stopped… Pain.   Oh…okay it stopped.

Crap.  If I go to the hospital ER there are multiple things to worry about.  One, it is approaching a full moon.  For you non believers, you need to work in social services, law enforcement or your local ER to find out the full moon does indeed bring out the crazy in humanity.   So I did not want to go.   Two, I need to shave my legs.  I know, TMI.   But I do this every day in the event I do get hurt and my leg needs x-rayed or such.   Think what you want.  But I don’t want some poor x-ray tech to get stuck with nasty legs.   So I keep them shaved.

Well now double crap.  The pain is worse.  Take another shower so I can shave my legs.   Poor Husband has to get up because even though I tell him I can go by myself he feels obligated to be with me.  Super Husband points earned.

Get to the ER and you have no idea how relieved I was that there are no hordes of werewolves and pill seeking groupies hanging about.   We walk right in.  Pleasant ER reception ladies talk to us and point us to the ER waiting room.  I was leary.  I feared what waited in there.  We walk  to the ER waiting room and find it  totally empty.  Yes!

I sat down and had to stand right back up when Colleen  (a good omen if you believe in them) comes to get me.  She wants to take martial arts.  She loved me.  I could tell.  I loved her.  We do the paper, bp, and temp check.   My leg shoots it’s periodic stabs of hot steel up my leg and around my calf just to keep reminding me why I was there.

So the rest of the stay there…blah…yadda…blah.

X-rays ordered.  Ultra sounds ordered.   Now aren’t you glad I shaved my legs?

So here is the best part of the ER visit.

The ultra sound lady tries to ultra sound my calf.  She is gel-ing it up.  Running that scanner thing.  Suddenly she says in almost a sing songy voice:   “muscle muscle muscle nothing but muscle oh my”.

I started laughing.

She started laughing.   She said “I can’t find anything but muscle”.  Followed  up with “God you’ve got a lot of muscle.”

I told her she was my favorite and she made my day (even though by now it’s only 7:00 a.m.).

It’s the little things that matter in life, right?

I’m lying in the ER on a Saturday morning trying to make sure I don’t have a blood clot that will kill me while I sleep (or awake for that matter).  And I am thrilled that the technician running the ultra sound machine confirms with modern day technology that I am a muscle bound machine.

It is the little things that matter.

I’m still smiling about the muscle in my leg.

(Ah…I should add that I am additionally happy about the breakfast sandwich I had at a local diner.   Fabulous.  Not to mention the portion of Husband’s oatmeal raisin pancakes I had.  Also fabulous.  And I should add that there was no blood clot!  Yay!   It is likely just some bothersome nerve issue that will haunt me forever.  But no blood clot!!!!  YAY!)