Insurance Companies Hate Babies

Do you remember the day you use to be able to go to a doctor and pay him/her for services rendered?

Well, I don’t really remember it.  But I’ve read about it.  And I’ve seen it on Little House on the Prairie.

We have a brand new baby boy in the family.

He is beautiful.  Sweet.  Lovely.  Handsome.  Okay, not the point right now.  But, he is a little baby.  A little baby who needs to have follow up appointments from the doctor.

Let me tell you what has happened to date.

One pediatrician saw him in the hospital and did a great job with him.  I love this pediatrician.  He saw my children through their childhood.

Baby Momma calls to make a follow up appointment.  The lady who answered said no, sorry.   We don’t take that insurance.

Then, every single pediatrician contacted after that said one of two things or a combination of both:

1.  You didn’t pick us in the hospital so no we will not see you (or in other words:  you suck because you didn’t pick us and we’re going to be petty about your baby’s health so stick it).  Even though brand new parents do not know the politics of doctoring.  Yes, sadly it exists in the world of baby care.  They just wanted someone to provide medical care for their baby, they picked the name they knew not knowing it put them on a black ball list with all other pediatricians in the state.

2.  We don’t take your insurance.

So what does Mamo do?   She calls the doctors offices and offers CASH.  Good old CASH.

The first doctor office says “no”.   I ask, stunned, again.   “You won’t take cash for office visits?”   And she said no.  I asked if she knew of any doctor who takes this insurance.   No.  I said “are there no doctors who will see this baby?”   She said to try the health department.   Interesting.   The baby has insurance.  Has a Mamo who will pay CASH and she suggests the health department.  Double interesting, Baby Momma already CALLED the health department and was told no, they don’t take the baby’s insurance.

Am I sounding rantish and mad doggish yet?

I hope so.

So I call my doctor’s office.  My doctor, who I happen to think is the best doctor in the world can’t see this beautiful baby boy either.


Though my doctor can’t see the baby for insurance reasons I am comfortable enough to express my total exasperation.   My doctor’s office was at least kind, as opposed to the other one who just kept saying “no” and when I told the other one that the health department wouldn’t see the baby the lady said “sorry”.   Are you?  Are you really sorry?

My doctor’s office can’t accept cash either when I offer it.

Double gasp!!

Bless her heart.  She did try to come up with other doctor names.   But here’s the kicker.  She tried to explain why they can’t take cash when the baby has insurance.  If I understand correctly since the baby has insurance they can not take cash because that would be “falsification”.  I didn’t get it.  What am I falsifying by paying cash for services.  Since the baby has insurance the insurance decides what can happen with his care.  I had to restate that to fit my reasoning and understanding.  I said “so, if the baby has insurance and someone wants to pay cash they aren’t allowed because the insurance company says no you can’t”.

She thinks it’s stupid as well.

I told her the insurance company isn’t losing anything.  They get paid to cover him but don’t have to pay to take care of him.  How can they have any  right in where or how this baby gets cared for?

Shouldn’t that be the parent’s decision?

Shouldn’t the parents get to decide what good doctor they want to have provide medical care for their son?

My doctor’s office, being the best doctor/office  in the world, helped me figure out the problem.

The problem is that big insurance companies hate babies.    Okay, my doctor’s office did not  say that at all.   I am saying that.  Why do insurance companies have this kind of power?  Who in the h3!! gave them this kind of power?   Insurance companies should do what they were designed to do.   You pay a premium for a service you might  need.  They, in return, pay for that medical service.    Period.

Pay for a car.  Get a car.  They can’t tell you what car you can buy.

Pay for a house.  Get a house.  They can’t tell you what house you can buy.

Pay for insurance.  Get INSURANCE!  Not a “Big Brother” mentality that determines what kind of care you get, where you go to get that care, and whether or not you deserve and/or need that care.

I’m sorry readers.  I really don’t think I can express enough anger and frustration here.  I have failed you.   My apologies.

But I don’t want to cuss here.

You, insurance companies, are an evil entity.