They Are Watching You

Your kids?  They’re watching you.  And you matter.

Last night I spent some time with some kids.   We had a wonderful few moments I wanted to share with the rest of my world.

At one point towards the end of the evening I thanked some of the children for being so pleasant.  I told them I enjoyed being around them and their genuine kindness.

Their response?

“Thank our parents.”

I was so pleasantly surprised.  We talked for a few minutes.  The kids all said it was because of their parents.  And…well…because we go to church.  That’s very important they said.  But really, they guessed, “we really think it’s because of our parents mostly”.

We then had a discussion about children and how well they do in life and they, these children, felt attention from the parents and family were key to happy living as children.  And, in their well rounded world, they felt church was part of the equation as well.

How ’bout that?

They didn’t regurgitate memorized lines to me.  They didn’t quote their parents.  They were expressing feelings and thoughts, as children, about life.  And their experience so far.

I was amazed.

When the littlest one got out of my car he turned to me and said “thank you, we’ll have to do this again some time.”

I chuckled.  And drove home feeling quite good about our world.

Thank you parents.