Joe Pa You Have A Choice To Make

Joe Pa.

I don’t know him.  I don’t know much about him or his school.  What I know is limited information about him having integrity, running a great football program and living in Happy Valley.    And I didn’t care how much he won as long as he lost to the Buckeyes.

Now I know a lot more.

But I still don’t know much.

I don’t know what happened for sure.  I read stories.  And different stories at that.  I kind of wish the newspapers would shut up.  Can we just report the facts?  Because I read stories from news papers that conflict what stories in other news papers report.  I don’t know what to believe.

What I know, now, though is that Joe Pa’s greatest legacy does not need to be football.  It can be integrity.

We can all read the stories and look back and say what he and countless others could have, should have done.  If the stories are true than the coulda’s and shoulda’s are true.  But I want to know the facts.

If Joe Pa has integrity, and let’s remember, you can not sometimes  have integrity.  You have it or you do not.  If he has it he should address his school.  His students.  His coworkers.  He should address this world and say:

The school did the right thing by firing me.  I did not do enough.

Joe Pa could go on to try and learn more.  He could teach more.  He could address coaches, teachers, administrators, every football nut in the world.  Joe Pa could say I did not do enough.    He could say he thought he did, but seeing the big picture, he could say I have to learn from this. 

I don’t want to hear Joe Pa, or any other adult who knew this was happening.  Or had reason to believe it could be happening.  Or suspected it.  I don’t want to hear them defending themselves.  I want them to say, if they knew, anything, they should have done more.

Say it.

Because people are watching you.   People who could learn from you.   People right now  have suspicions or knowledge of a child being hurt.  And they are doing nothing.  They are remaining quiet.  They remain quiet because they don’t think it is their responsibility.   They remain quiet because they don’t want to get involved.  They remain quiet because they aren’t sure.

And while they remain quiet?

A child is being touched.   He/she is being raped.   You need to know the reality of what that does to a child.

I promise you, if you have never been sexually abused, you have no  idea the level of damage being done to a child.

N.O.    I.D.E.A.

Joe Pa, you don’t know me.  I don’t know you.  But I am holding my breath.  Anticipating.  Hoping.



Do the right thing.  Speak up for every child that is right this minute living a tortured life in hell because someone is hurting them.   No one believes the monster touching them is capable of such things.  So such things continue.

Joe Pa-tell your world the school did the right thing.  Tell them you should have done more.   Tell them we have all got to protect our children.  Tell them that one child’s life is worth a lifetime of football legacy.

Tell the child that football is not as important as what happened to him.

Tell the child you are sorry.

Please Joe Pa.  You can do the right thing now.  There are still people like that man you trusted and thought you knew.   There are children cowering.  Hiding.  Hurting.   Stand up and speak out.  Ask for forgiveness.  Ask for us learn from your mistakes.

Stand up Joe Pa.  You have a choice to make.

Protect a child.   Now.


9 thoughts on “Joe Pa You Have A Choice To Make

  1. Well said! I am so hoping for the same from Paterno! A person can think they did the right thing only to discover they did not. Owning a mistake is the first step.


  2. I don’t know Joe Pa, but have always liked what I do know about him. But Joe Pa dropped the ball by not following through with going to the police after those he did tell obviously let the matter wither away. Joe Pa is responsible for not doing enough. The athlete who WITNESSED what was happening is UNCONSCIONABLY GUILTY of allowing it to continue, for even one second! HE should have (yes, “should have”) yelled STOP!, and taken that child to safety IMMEDIATELY. Then gone straight to ALL the authorities – everyone imaginable – not only Joe Pa, but the Athletic Director, the University President, AND THE POLICE. This monster- in-disguise pedophile would have been in prison a long time ago (hopefully)! I hope Joe Pa will take this opportunity to do exactly what you have proposed…speak out and let others be inspired to do something different.


  3. I don’t know you and I just read your blog for the first time today … and it was well written. I really felt your passion in wanting JoePa to do the right thing… right now. I also felt the pain of a young person being abused and how upset I felt that anyone who had an idea that this was happening turned their head to protect a crony… I look forward to reading more of your blogs.


    • Thank you very much for reading. And commenting. I think we all have to talk about this to make sure this stops. And doesn’t happen again. I appreciate your thoughts!


  4. I am so disillusioned by it all. That ANYONE can turn a blind-eye to such heinous actions bewilders me. And, I am overwhelmed by the frequency of these stories. They are children for God’s sake, ours to protect, and to love, and to cherish. There should be mandatory sentences for the perpetrators with absolutely NO leniency. And if someone knew about it and did nothing, they are just as guilty and should suffer the same consequences. There is NO punishment equal to the devastation to the child victim. The loss of childhood, of innocence, trust, freedom from fear, is too great, it has to stop. Please, God in Heaven, make it stop.

    I, for one, will never refer to the man as “Jo Pa.” It is a nickname, a term of endearment. There is nothing endearing about a man who had the opportunity to protect a child from a monster, but gave only minimal effort.

    He became famous because he was a winning coach. He did not accept minimal effort in the GAME of football. Yet he accepted his own minimal effort in PROTECTING THE LIFE OF A CHILD. What a sad, sad statement about his values and the values of those who protest in his behalf. Shame on every single one of them, and pity for their children, living now or in the future, for their parents value a game over the life of the victim(s).


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