It’s Not Yesterday’s News.

Do you know me?

I’m the kid that sits in your classroom.  In your church.  I cut your grass.  I’m your friend.  I’m your child’s friend.   I’m your sister.  I’m your brother.  I’m your cousin.  I’m your neighbor.  I’m the kid on the playground.  I’m the class clown.  I’m the juvenile delinquent.  I’m the kid on the honor roll.  I’m the kid sitting in the corner.  I’m your son.  I’m your daughter.  I’m in your son’s preschool.  I’m in your daughter’s dance class.

Someone, someone, has picked me as a target.  They have chosen me to hurt.

Someone, someone, has picked me to ruin.  To destroy.

Someone, someone, has decided I am worthless.  I have no value.

Someone, someone, hovers over me.

Someone, someone, turns me ugly inside.

Someone, someone, blinds me to bright colors of joy.

No one, no one,  wards off pain.

No one, no one, wraps me in safety.

No one, no one, values me enough to stop it.

No one, no one,  beats the horror down.

No one, no one,  feels my terror.

No one, no one, values me.


You know me.

I am everywhere.

There are more of me than you think.  More of me than you know.

If you think what is happening at Penn State is rare and not the norm I challenge you.  I challenge you to gather twenty people together.  Twenty people you know who are ready to speak about this.   Who are disgusted about this.   Ask them, how many of you were molested?  Abused?

Don’t let a child feel like this.

I bet you know me.

And don’t even know it.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Not Yesterday’s News.

  1. Tara says:

    The very worst thing about this is the fact that you are right.


  2. bikebrown says:

    Almost 5 years ago and nothing has changed.


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