He’s Not Old…He’s Po!

Mind, you, he said it.  Not me.

Why I call it the bike room. Single speed. Trainer. Special built "desk".

The other day Husband was in the garage.  I was in my “bike room”.  I remembered that I had a jacket in the car that I wanted to wash.   I opened the window and yelled…


No response.  Come on….the garage is small, it is like fifteen feet from the back of the house.  There is no way he couldn’t hear me.   I yell again.


I hear a faint…. “what”.

Instantly I’m thinking oh man something happened and I’m straightening up from the window to go to him when he walks out the door.  He’s looking at the house.  I said “over here”.   He acts like he can’t hear me.

Oh my gosh, he hasn’t been ignoring me all of these years!  He’s actually lost his hearing.    This really scared me.

I said “here!  over here!”

He looks at all of the windows at the back of the house trying to hear where I’m coming from.  I wave.  He sees me and walks to the window.

I said “why can’t you hear me?”

He says “what?”

I’m starting to freak out a little and scream “why can’t you hear me?”

He’s right on the other side of the screen.  There are only inches between us.  He say’s “because I’m old”.

Personally I thought that was funny.

I reached out to poke the screen like I was going to poke him.  But hit glass.

Hehe.   These old fashioned houses and their old fangled ways.  Apparently there are these things called “storm windows” that you raise and lower during colder months.  None of this new fangled stuff of double and triple pane windows for us.


Had me scared there for a minute.