In Through The Ears

I called a fella’ at work today to check on him and see how he’s doing.

I thought I could give him a cheerful voice and make his day.

Not that I feel like I would make his day.  It’s just that every time I talk to him, he tells  me that I do.

So today …. I call.

He answers “this is Fred” (not his real name of course).   I wish I could write it to reflect the tone he uses.   Very lilting.  Joyful.

I say “hi Fred it’s Colleen, how are ya?  You sound great!”   Because I’ve been concerned about his breathing and how he is feeling.   I was surprised at how strong he sounded.  And cheerful.  Though I shouldn’t be surprised he was cheerful.  He always is.

He says “you sound beautiful, because you are beautiful!!!”

You would think I was thirteen the way I stumbled all over myself with surprise and glee.

We had a nice talk.  I hung up feeling good.  Wait, didn’t I call to make him feel good?

I turn to my coworker to tell her what he said and that it just made me feel great.

And you know what she said?

She said….

“Well you are beautiful!”

What, pray tell, did I do to deserve that today?

Absolutely nothing.

It was them that did something for me.

If I could-I would tell all of you something that would make you feel just like I did today.   Because it’s a great feeling to have people surprise you with a little wonderful shot of love.  In through my ears straight to my heart.









Psssssssssssst……. I can’t say it where you can hear it.   But I can write it if you’ll read it.   If YOU read this then I can tell you with words, YOU, are beautiful.  To someone.  Somewhere.   I want you to know that.  In through your eyes,  straight to your heart.   I mean it.   You.   Yes, You.   And if you don’t think I mean you, you are wrong.  You are exactly who I mean.   And….I hope you tell someone.    Tell someone who isn’t expecting it….they are beautiful.   You didn’t expect this did you?  Thought you were going to read about me.  And it’s all about you, how beautiful you are, and how beautiful someone else is to you.

Share it.   🙂

8 thoughts on “In Through The Ears

  1. Hey beautiful, I think it’s just lovely you took the time to call Fred. I don’t know how old he is but we’ve had a few cases here in Australia where elderly have been “discovered dead in their flat, been dead for a year”. Neighbours saw mail pile up, thought they’d gone away – you know, that sort of not paying attention.

    So I think it’s great you call Fred and I bet you DO make his day 🙂


    • Fred is in his mid eighties. A very honorable man. A kind and gentle man. I am so incredibly humbled that he thinks I am of ANY ilk!!!!! He is truly a wonderful man.

      I’ve heard the same kind of stories here in America. How sad to live your life, leave your life and no one even notice. 😦

      YOU are another one who makes MY day. Thank you! 🙂


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