Dessert Always Follows

Just so you know…. Husband is not difficult to feed.  He is actually very easy  to fix dinner for.

I, however, am probably more difficult to feed.  Though I can certainly get fixated on a specific food item (Tim Horton’s cinnamon raisin bagel) and eat it every single day for a very looooong time (Tim Horton’s cheddar bagel toasted, with light cream cheese and bacon).    I do enjoy different foods.   So I usually do that at lunch time with my coworkers.

This works out perfectly.

Now that you can all rest easier knowing our eating particulars.   The only thing left to discuss, inform you of, is dessert.

This may not take as long.

Husband will eat:   everything.

I:  will not.   Hold the custard “pie”.   Come on?   Let’s call it what it is:  egg pie.   Cold egg pie.    Nor will I eat bread pudding.   It is not “pudding”.   It is soggy bread.  Though I will admit it smells awesome!  I have tried it twice.   Once too many.

There you have it.

I expect the dinner invitations to start rolling in please.


And….happy day to you by the way!